Survivor’ Recap: A Tribe Switch And An Idol Found

It was only episode two but it was time for the players to drop their buffs to form 3 tribes. The tribes consisted of Nuka Mana and Tavua. Troyzan found the clue to the first Idol which was hidden at the challenge. Troyzan managed to grab the Idol with no one being the wiser. In the first immunity/reward challenge, Mana lost sending them to their third tribal council.

The funniest part of the show was when Sandra’s tribe caught a goat and her baby. While Sandra wanted to eat them the rest of the tribe opted to set tIhem free as they had hearts and well Sandra being Sandra didn’t care. They were set free and decided they still had the chickens to eat

It was going to be either Hali or Caleb going home as they were both threats in different ways. Tai wanted to keep Caleb but the tribe decided to send Caleb home as they figured he would be a bigger threat than Hali come to the merge. What was really strange was that Caleb was sent home on the 9th day the first time and tonight was his 9th day of gameplay as well.
Written by Shelly Allen

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