“Survivor” News: Is This Former Castaway Pulling Our Leg or is it Really True?

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At the end of last week’s episode of “Survivor: Game Changers, CBS teased us about three major events that will go down. Those three things are a tribe switch, a return of Exile Island, and a return of a former Survivor. The question is who is returning to the island?

That question might be quickly answered. How? In a form of a tweet. Today, 4-time survivor castaway and winner of Survivor: Redemption Island Boston Rob Mariano tweeted this out this morning

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However, it is April 1, also known as April Fools Day. So is it really true or is Rob just pulling our leg? Only time will tell. Make sure you watch Wednesday at 8/7c only on CBS and streaming live on CBS All-Access.

Written by Christopher Mabry

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