“SURVIVOR”: My Tribe Threw the Challenge! Only Way They Could Get Rid of Me!

Just when you think she left with dignity befitting one of the best players of Survivor ever, she had to go and ruin it! Previous two-time Survivor winner, Sandra Diaz-Twine was added to the cast of #SurvivorGameChangers, back for a third time to add another million dollars to her winnings on the popular reality competition show.

Unfortunately, to many viewers, this one included, she was a little too cocky this time around. Admittedly, it was equally fun and aggravating to watch her manipulate her tribe mates. Week after week, or tribal council after tribal council, you heard the members of her tribe voice that they needed to get rid of her. She didn’t really do much around camp but watch and listen. She wasn’t that great at the challenges. I won’t say the lost challenges because of her, but she certainly didn’t help them win them either. And yet, week after week, tribal council after tribal council, Diaz-Twine could dodge those bullets through manipulating her tribe mates and walk back to camp. But on Night 16, the self-described ‘Queen’ was hit directly in the bullseye.

She left with the dignity befitting a two-time champion. In fact, Jeff Proust smiled as he doused her torch and uttered for the first time in 94 days, “Sandra, the tribe has spoken.” She even wished the remaining tribe members good luck as she left.

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“SURVIVOR”: My Tribe Threw the Challenge! Only Way They Could Get Rid of Me!

But now, Sandra is telling Reality TV World that the members of Nuku threw the immunity challenge just so they could vote her out.
“After the fact, I actually found out that they threw the challenge so that they could get me out.” Adding that this was the only way they could get rid of her because they were scared of her.
After merging the three tribes down to create two, for this week’s immunity challenge the two tribes, Nuku and Mana, each had to cross monkey bars, pull a heavy sled filled with large barrels through the sand, and then solve a barrel puzzle.

Sandra’s new tribe consisted of Jim Varner (her only ally), Ozzie Lusth, Sarah Lacina, Zeke Smith, Andrea Boehike, and Tai Trang.

“SURVIVOR”: My Tribe Threw the Challenge! Only Way They Could Get Rid of Me!

Sandra says that she didn’t know they were throwing the challenge until later, but she knew that they saw her as a huge threat. She claims she knew she was next because her tribe told her and Varner after the challenge they were going to vote out Tai at the next Tribal Council because he’s so unpredictable and known to be a flipper, adding “…they really weren’t pulling and they didn’t want to get to the mat and they didn’t want no one getting near the puzzle until the other tribe won.”

To me that proves nothing except that they wanted to keep those two in the dark about who they were gunning for and she has an inflated sense of self. Insulting the other team as if they could win on their own!

Written by Rhonda

"To be honest, I'm just winging it...so far so good!" Rhonda
“To be honest, I’m just winging it…so far so good!” Rhonda






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