Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X Episode 14 Recap: “I’m Going to Win a Million Bucks” Original Airdate 12/14/16

Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X Episode 14 Recap: “I’m  Going to Win a Million Bucks” Original Airdate 12/14/16

It’s the moment every Survivor fan has been waiting for. After surviving 35 days and eliminating 14 other castaways, we are down to 6 Survivors left. Three “Millennials vs. 3 “Gen X” The question is who will leave the island a millionaire? With only four tribal councils, three immunity challenges left, 2 advantages it’s anyone’s game.

It’s finally day 36 and after being in the shadows ever since day one, the legacy advantage will now be revealed. Inside it said that the Legacy Advantage gives the person with it immunity at the next Tribal Council. At the immunity challenge, the castaways completed a puzzle that left them batty. David won and also won a steak reward. However, Jay took it away and brought David and Adam along. Back at camp, Jay thought he found the hidden immunity idol, but when he used it at Tribal, it was not the real deal. Because it was not real, all votes went to Jay and he became the next castaway voted out.

On days 37 and 38, Ken won the final two immunity challenges ensuring him a spot in the final three. At final two Tribal Councils before the final one, There were two shocking eliminations. First Brett was voted out and then Ken voted out is “Friend” David. Heading into the final Tribal on day 39, Adam, Hannah, and Ken will plead their case on why they should win the game. When talking to the jury, Adam explained why he is here and said that his mom was not doing well because she is battling cancer. That ultimately lead him to become the sole Survivor and a million dollars.

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Congratulations Adam!

Written by Christopher Mabry

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