Survivor: Game Changers: Sandra Tells All About Her Time in Fiji!

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On this past Wednesday’s episode of Survivor: Game Changers, the Nuku tribe did something no other tribe has done! Vote. Sandra. Out. And that is what they did on day 19. But, after Sandra left the game, she revealed all.

In an interview with Reality TV World, Sandra revealed several things that were never shown. For instance, in episode three, there was a tribe switch were two tribes became three. That’s when Sandra was placed on the new Nuku tribe. At the Nuku camp, JT showed his new tribe around when they found a baby goat and his mom. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, JT catches the goats. Once caught, they debated on eating the goat or setting it free. Then, the tribe agreed setting them free. Or did they?

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Okay, so we get to this camp, and J.T. starts showing us around, and he takes us to where this trap is already set up for catching the goats, okay? We didn’t know there were goats on that island until we see this trap that they’ve already set up. They just have not caught a goat, right?” Sandra told Reality TV World during an exclusive interview on Thursday.

“So then I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, there are goats here!’ And he said, ‘Yes!’ They don’t come trotting through camp. They actually come around the other side because it’s like this big old mountain of rocks. So the goats are practically on the other side of us and you can see them off in the distance. So that’s when he was like, ‘You know, you can practically walk up onward and grab it!'”

“So then we catch this goat and we keep this goat for over 24 hours. At night, it’s like, ‘Bahhh, bahhh,’ the whole night making noise. The momma won’t drink the water or eat the food we gave her. She’s getting wrapped around the tree because she’s tied up. The baby is also tied up and getting wrapped around the momma or getting wrapped around the tree as well,” Sandra revealed.

“The momma is not letting the baby nurse, so J.T. was the one — because I’m not a farmer — saying, ‘The baby is the one who has to go first, because once we kill the mom, the baby will die because it won’t nurse. And the baby’s meat is actually more tender.’ So I’m just repeating later on what he was saying, you know?”

Sandra goes on and explains what happened that night after Malcolm was voted out. “So then, the next day, we let the goats go. And then the last episode where Malcolm goes home, if you look closely, we are eating big pieces of meat with big pieces of bone, and it wasn’t fish and it wasn’t chicken!” Sandra told Reality TV World.

“I didn’t have anything to do with it. I just show up, and then we are eating goat.”

Sandra also revealed that in order for her tribe to get her out of the game, they would have to throw it. So, in the latest episode, that’s what the Nuku tribe did.

Another event that occurred was when Debbie had to go to Exile Island since she was not on a tribe. However, Exile Island was a actually a ship that had food and comfort she could use to get her mind going to continue for the next phase of the game. Also on “Exile” was Cochran from Survivor: South Pacific and Survivor: Caramoan. On the boat, Cochran revealed an Advantage Option Box containing three advantages. Out of the three advantages, she could pick one. The advantages were: 1) Fake Hidden Immunity Idol Kit, 2) Extra Vote, or 3) Tribe advantage. Debbie chose option 2: Extra vote.

After the episode aired, Jeff Probst did an interview with Entertainment Weekly and revealed what advantage if he were playing the game. During the interview, Jeff revealed that he would pick the Extra Vote. Why? “It’s a no-brainer.”

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