Survivor: Game Changers Finale Preview

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This Wednesday Join Aubry, Brad, Cirie, Tai, Sarah, and Troyzan for the 2 hour finale and reunion show. Which one of these four will take home the million-dollar prize and the title of Sole Survivor? But, before we get to the finale, let’s look back at how they got to this point.

Day 1, 20 individuals from seasons past, have returned to play the game once again. However, the one common theme with these castaways is that they are all game-changers. Right before arriving at their camp, Sierra found an advantage in the game. This advantage allowed her to have immunity. However, it was only good when there were only 13 people left or six people left.

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On day 3, one of the best castaways who could get out of getting voted out finally did. Ciera became the first castaway voted out of the game.

On the 6th day, two of the three winners playing this season was in danger of being voted out of the game. In a tribal council for the ages, it was a battle between Tony and Sandra. At tribal council, Tony couldn’t hide anymore as he became the second castaway voted out of the game.

On day 7, after 6 days of being divided into two tribes, it is time to divide into three tribes with six members each. After losing a close immunity challenge, the Manna tribe (red tribe) lost and was facing tribal council. After the challenge, The Tabua tribe found a hidden immunity idol embedded in the challenge. One member grabbed it without his tribemates not knowing.  Knowing that their survivor lives were’ hanging in the balance, both Tai and Caleb searched high and low for the hidden immunity idol. But, after hours of looking, they couldn’t find it. Now, it’s day nine in the game, and Caleb became the third castaway to leave the game. Ironically, this is the same day when he was evacuated in Kaoh Rong.

 At the Mana tribe, Tai found the hidden immunity idol. At the immunity challenge, Jeff revealed a game-changing twist. Only one of the three tribes will win immunity. That tribe was the newly formed Tavua Tribe. In a second surprising twist, both Nuku and Mana were  heading to tribal council…together. At the joint tribal council, Tai played an immunity idol to save Sierra. Lucky for her it paid off and Malcolm became the fourth castaway to be voted out of the game. Next, after messing up his game, JT became castaway number 5 to have his torch snuffed.

Right before the reward challenge on day 14, Jeff revealed to the remaining 15 castaways that they will be divided into two tribes of seven. This means that one person will be heading to “Exile Island.” That person was Debbie. When Debbie learned that she was going to Exile Island, she was heartbroken and scared. But it was a boat with food and comfort. Not only that, she was visited by Cochran, who offered Debbie an advantage in the game. She took the Extra vote. When the Nuku tribe lost yet another immunity challenge, it looked like Varner and Sandra’s lives were hanging in the balance. But, when some of their alliance members wanted Ozzy out of the game, it gave them a glimmer of hope. But, when plans change at the very last moment, it wasn’t enough to save the two-time champ from being the sixth causality to say goodbye to the game they love.

Leading up to the tribal council on day 18, it looked like Jeff Varner was going to coast through to the merge. That is until two major events occurred in a matter of several hours. First, his tribe Nuku lost the final tribal immunity of the season and when they went to tribal council, Varner did the unthinkable. In front of millions of people and his tribe, Jeff Varner outed Zeke for his sexuality. According to Varner, Zeke was being untrustworthy when he didn’t share with anyone that he was transgender. Long story short, Jeff’s tribe got really upset with his decision and chose to walk from the game becoming castaway number seven to leave.

With the individual portion of the game in play now, the 13 remaining castaways merged into one tribe. They named their tribe Maku Maku. They dawned yellow buffs for the remainder of the season. At the first Tribal Council, Debbie used her “Extra Vote” to vote out Ozzy. She voted for Ozzy, but when the votes came in, it backfired and Hali became the first jury member on day 21. Three days later on day 24, Ozzy, who is one of the best swimmers, couldn’t make it to the end as his chance at winning one million dollars came to end on day 24.

Debbie came next on day 26.

Next, it was Zeke on day 29.

On Day 32, right before heading to Tribal Council, Sierra revealed to Sarah, the police officer of the “Legacy Advantage.” Sarah was so upset about the advantage that she voted Sierra out of the game. Sierra became the 12th castaway voted out and the fifth jury member.

Andrea was feeling very confident in remaining in the game. But, when you feel confident, it means you’re going home. That’s what happened to her on day 33 as she became juror number 6 and the 13th booted from the game.

After Brad winning immunity on day 35, Cirie informed Tai, who has two hidden immunity idols I might add, that he was the next one to go. So, Cirie let Tai in on the extra vote advantage. The only difference is that this advantage cannot be transferable to another castaway. So, at Tribal Council, Cirie attempted to use the advantage, but Sarah and Jeff Probst called her out on it. Knowing that the advantage was already out in the open, Sarah used the advantage and cancelled out Tai’s vote, thus giving her the ability to cast a second vote. When the votes were read, it was Michaela who was the 7th jury member and the 14th person voted out of the game.

Now you know what went down on this season of Survivor: Game Changers. Make sure to watch the two hour finale and live reunion show on May 24, 2017 at 8/7c then the reunion show at 10/9c on CBS.

Written by Christopher Mabry

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