“Survivor: Game Changers” Episode 1 Recap “The Stakes Have Been Raised” Original Airdate 3/8/17

In the past 33 seasons, 498 castaways have endured the elements in a quest for one million dollars. In the end, 33 people have come out victorious. Now, in its 34th season, 20 players will return for another shot at being the Sole Survivor. But, with these castaways, there is one common theme… They are all game changers. Here are your castaways who will endure the elements in Fiji for the next 39 days.

Mana Tribe – Red Tribe

  • Aubrey – Survivor: Kaoh Rong
  • Caleb – Survivor: Kaoh Rong
  • Ciera – Survivor: Blood vs. Water, and Survivor: Second Chances
  • Hali – Survivor: Worlds Apart
  • Jeff – Survivor: The Australian Outback, and Survivor: Second Chances
  • Malcolm – Survivor: Survivor: Philippines, and Survivor: Caramoan
  • Michaela – Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X
  • *Sandra – Survivor: Pearl Islands, and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains
  • *Tony – Survivor: Cagayan
  • Troyzan – Survivor: One World

Nuku Tribe – Blue Tribe

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  • Andrea – Survivor: Redemption Island, and Survivor: Caramoan
  • Brad – Survivor: Blood vs. Water
  • Ciera – Survivor: Blood vs. Water, and Survivor: Second Chance
  • Debbie – Survivor: Kaoh Rong
  • *JT – Survivor: Tocantins, and Heroes vs. Villains
  • Ozzy – Survivor: Cook Islands, Micronesia, and South Pacific
  • Sarah – Survivor: Worlds Apart
  • Sierra: Survivor: Worlds Apart
  • Tai – Survivor: Kaoh Rong
  • Zeke – Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X


Part 1

On the first day of the game, the castaways gathered what they could off a boat along with their raft. However, in a game-changing twist, the first person to untangle their bundle of rope in the middle of the ocean will win a toolkit for their tribe. Ozzy being the aqua-man that he is, won the toolkit for the Nuku Tribe. Staying at the Nuku tribe, Ozzy and Cirie still had unfinished business that goes all the way back to Micronesia. For being winners, Sandra and Tony were eying one another to take the other one out. At the first immunity challenge, Jeff revealed that at Tribal Council, there will be no revote. it will go into a tribe discussion and if no one agrees on who to vote out, rocks will be drawn and the one odd rock will be voted out. At the challenge, the Nuku tribe won immunity and fire in the form of Flint.

While on the boat, Sierra from Survivor: Worlds Apart found a secret advantage. Her secret advantage is that She has immunity. However, she can only use it when there are 13 players left or when there are 6 players left. If Sierra or whoever is voted out has control of the advantage they must give it to someone else

On Day three at the first Tribal Council, thinking she knew the game, Ciera was the first castaway to be voted out of the game.

Part 2

After Tribal Council, a “strong” alliance between Malcolm, Caleb, Sandra, and Tony was formed. But, late at night, Tony heard a conversation Sandra and Caleb was having and ultimately ended the alliance. Mana lost yet another challenge sending them back to Tribal Council. Right before Tribal, Sandra knew her head was on the chopping block, so she tried to gather enough votes to save her. At Tribal Council, she pulled it off when the biggest schemer Tony, became the second person to be voted out.

Written By Christopher Mabry

“Never give up”


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