“SURVIVOR”: Castaway Cracks Under Pressure!

It’s not even halfway through the season, and some the castaways are already feeling the stress of the competition.


One castaway in particular can’t help but shed a few tears, even after orchestrating some of the most brutal moves of the season so far.

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"SURVIVOR": Castaway Cracks Under Pressure!

“You don’t realize what you go through. It’s amazing. You know, I’ve played the game. I’ve played for 12 days, I didn’t know how hard it was on my wife, Monica, to get this far. She got hungry. She’s different. She was hurt. I don’t know that I understood why she was hurt. And it’s only been 17 days and I can’t… that’s enough for me.” Brad Culpepper will share this all with his tribemates, Aubry, Sierra, Cirie and Troyzan, on tonight’s episode (April 12th, 2017) of Survivor.


Brad will no doubt walk away to clear his head, but obviously Monica will still be on his mind.

"SURVIVOR": Castaway Cracks Under Pressure!

During one of his confessional tonight Brad will pour his heart out: “When Monica and I played Blood vs. Water, she got all the way to Day 39, and I don’t know that I truly appreciated it until I had been here 17 days. For her to do what she did, she’s a tough cookie, and has kind of been a guide for me. She’s been my strength and my compass, right on my arm.”
"SURVIVOR": Castaway Cracks Under Pressure!

Even though the competition may be getting to him, Brad has been playing to win this season of Survivor.


Would you like Brad to win?


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