Star of Little Women Terra Jole On DWTS

Star of Little Women Terra Jole On DWTS

The star of Little Women, Terra Jole, is having a blast by posting silly things on social media before she makes her big appearance for the first time on Dancing with the Stars. For all of you who love “DWTS” you are really going to enjoy this season’s dance partners – as a matter of fact, we are having way too much fun ourselves and wanted to share our list of “faves” which we call a teaser for #TeamXL – a promo for Monday evening’s huge season premiere!

Are y’all excited?! The line up is amazing and we can’t wait to see the sambas, the tangos, the fox trots and every other dance routine these brilliant and talented actors are going to entertain us with.

Set those DVR’s and don’t miss one exciting minute of Dancing with the Stars!!

Written by Renee Barbee

Believe in Yourself ~ Renee


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