**SPOILER ALERT** Southern Charm” Reunion Teasers!!

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**SPOILER ALERT** Southern Charm” Reunion Teasers!!

Part 1 of Season 4 reunion for “Southern Charm” will air tonight at 8:00 pm et. Here are some spoilers for tonight. Do not read further if you don’t want to know.

Cameran Eubanks shows off her 4-month baby bump. Cameran also shares she is expecting a baby girl and discusses fans unwanted opinions about her pregnancy.

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Craig Conover and Naomi Olindo’s relationship is put under the microscope. The couple claims to still be together, despite rumors saying otherwise.

Kathryn Dennis calls out Whitney Sudler-Smith and Landon Clements as being in Thomas Ravenel’s ears to bad mouth her.

Shep Rose openly addresses his drinking. Shep admits to wanting to change his current path.

Austen Kroll discusses his relationship with Chelsea Meissner. Austen also discusses the painful topic of losing his sister.

Kathryn is also asked about her time in rehab. She claims her drug use was marijuana and has been clean and sober for 8 months. Kathryn goes on to accuse Landon as the person who exposed her failed drug test.

Andy Cohen and “Southern Charm” cast appear confused multiple times on the reunions by Kathryn’s ramblings and contradicting stories.

Jennifer Snowden is accused by Kathryn to have lied under oath when Jennifer was subpoenaed for Kathryn and Thomas’ custody battle. Jennifer makes her own accusations towards Kathryn, claiming Kathryn was the one to start rumors about her son’s paternity. Kathryn claims she was just repeating a rumor that Thomas was the father of Jennifer’s son.

Thomas snaps back at Kathryn, warning her that he will expose a BIG secret if they go to court. Thomas claims this secret will ruin Kathryn’s chance of any future career.

Buckle up ya’ll. It’s going to be one hell of a ride tonight. What topics are you most interested in seeing discussed?

**SPOILER ALERT** Southern Charm” Reunion Teasers!!

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