Special Sneak Peak Moment of Austin Forsyth’s Super Nervous Marriage Proposal! See Video Here!

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Special Sneak Peak Moment of Austin Forsyth's Super Nervous Marriage Proposal! See Video Here!

Well, although Austin had a bad case of anxiety and really bad jitters before he decided to propose marriage to his then fiancé, Joy-Anna, who is a 19 year old teenager from the Duggar family, what we can tell you is this – as you may already know, he finally managed to propose. It is very common for many young men to get really nervous right before they decide to pop that very important question.

Fans of “Counting On” will be treated to a very exclusive preview of this very special episode of Joy-Anna’s then boyfriend, Austin Forsyth, who comes down with a bad case of nerves and what we refer to as “butterflies” in his tummy, as he prepares to ask the love of his life, at the age of 19, to be his wife.

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“Waiting for Joy to get there, I was pretty nervous,” as Austin states during the special scene. “I was pretty, pretty nervous.”

Well, y’all, during that time, Joy-Anna truly believed otherwise – thinking that Austin asked her to meet him, and, of course having two of her sisters, namely, “Johannah” as well as “Jennifer” join her and Austin on a horseback ride outing and adventure. Not exactly what Joy-Anna had imagined, however, the outing was very special and was all arranged to allow the 19 year old’s beau bend down in the old fashioned way, by proposing on one of his knees. Isn’t that just the sweetest thing ever?!

“When Joy finally arrived, reality did set in,” he says. “Like, here in just a short time I’m gonna be asking her to marry me — and yeah, that was very surreal.”

Austin decided it was time to ask Joy-Anna to marry him after just three months of courting.  He proposed and they were married in a very lavish wedding ceremony, which took place during the month of May – just two short months ago. “Leading up, it was so surreal until I was walking down the aisle and then I was like, ‘Oh my goodness, it’s actually here,’ ” a very emotional Joy-Anna stated during her exclusive interview with PEOPLE magazine, with tears in her eyes, while discussing her wedding day.

Joy-Anna (Duggar) and Austin Forsyth have been long time friends way before they began dating last November of 2016 – as a matter of fact, their friendship began 15 years ago. This newly married couple actually met each other after Austin, along with other members of the Forsyth family, all of which who relocated to the state of Arkansas and began attending the same church as the Duggar family.

“You know, over the years, I have just been watching and I really admire her heart for the Lord and her character. She’s such a diligent worker,” as Austin said to Jim Bob Duggar, Joy-Anna’s daddy, after finally getting the courage to ask the Patriarch of the Duggar family permission to enter into a relationship, which meant “courting” the love of his life.

“She gets all the younger siblings working. She’s a good delegator,” as Austin stated, he also added, “And then, of course, her beauty.”

Awe! Isn’t that sweet. Tune in to see next Monday’s episode of “Counting On” for one very exclusive look at this very special episode.

Written by Renee Barbee

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