Siggy Flicker Reveals Explosive Details On Upcoming RHONJ Season 8

Siggy Flicker Reveals Explosive Details On Upcoming RHONJ Season 8


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With the 8th season Of The Real Housewives Of New Jersey premiering in early fall, Housewife Siggy Flicker sat down with ‘Radar Online’ and gave us some juicy secrets about the upcoming season!

“Everybody is just horrible,” Flicker explained besides Dolores & Teresa, I had an issue with everyone this season. “You’re going to see a whole new side to Siggy Flicker, My whole life, people would always flock to me because I have this energy about me, I couldn’t be a peace maker this season.” Siggy introduced new housewife Margaret Joseph’s to the show, but soon after filming began things got ugly. All the drama comes to my front door,” Flicker told Radar about the new housewife. “We live in the same town. I was introduced to her by a friend. Look, I don’t know how to be phony or fake, I just know how to be me.” She said she was blindsided by Joseph’s actions during filming. “I was her cheerleader and she ended up coming at me several times throughout the season. She’s thirsty and wants to be on the show.” Siggy also talked about the girls mini trip to Boca, Florida. “I just wanted to have a nice vacation with Teresa, Melissa and the new girl Margaret. Teresa’s mother had just died, it was Melissa’s birthday. I wanted the new girl to join us because I though ‘the more the merrier.’ I was wrong. It got out of control and I was so upset. So many lines were crossed this season” says Siggy. “The new girl, she’s a social climber. Did I do anything wrong? She crossed a line. This girl and I do not have good chemistry. I couldn’t be a peace maker this season.” She admitted that she and the new cast member hadn’t spoken since filming ended. “I don’t talk to her. Once you have toxic energy I block you out of my life. When the group took a trip to Italy things got even worse, Flicker revealed. “It was a showdown there. It was horrific. There was another epic fight that was a continuation of another fight. The whole thread of the whole season was Siggy versus Margaret and Danielle Staub versus Dolores. It was nonstop.” We are so excited for he upcoming season! May the drama begin!

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Interview from radar Online
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