Shadowhunters – Season 2 Episode 9 “Bound by Blood”

On this episode of Shadowhunters…

Jade Wolf:

As usual Clary is in trouble but it doesn’t seem like it because she’s been fooling around with Simon. That a girl, Clary. Too bad Jace doesn’t agree with our sentiments. He is mad, bossy and demands Clary leave the boat shed at Jade Wolf for the Institute. Just then the flesh on Clary’s hands starts to decay. Thanks to Magnus, the trio discovers Dr. Iris has activated the blood oath. The dead flesh will travel up Clary’s arm until it stops her heart. Clary must find young Madzie or it may cost Clary’s life. They entrust the skills of the pack. Clary insists Simon be there despite Jace’s corniness about the matter. We cannot blame his jealousy, but his saltiness about Climon is a bit stale at this point.

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On her way to see Simon in the boat shed, Clary gets attacked by a wolf. Guess, who? It is, Maia. Didn’t see that coming a mile away did you? Shortly after, Maia explains to Luke that Clary has to die, because Clary accessing the Soul Sword could mean the life of all the Downworlders. Everyone reprimands Maia for a darn good plan. Even Simon gives her the cold shoulder. Point is, Clary is untouchable because all these supernatural men folk love her in one way or another.

Luke locks Maia up in a storage room at Jade Wolf, despite her known Claustrophobia. Maia wolf’s out, literally. Later, There is a meeting of vamp, wolf Warlock Seelie. The Seelies propose to kill Clary. Meliorn outs Raphael for dealing with Izzy. Therefore Raphael attempted to prove his clear judgment in the matter by agreeing to help kill Clary.


The Institute:

Aldertree tosses a dinner invitation Isabel’s way. She respectfully declines. He attempts to get a tad forceful. She walks away. Is it too early to use words like creep and sucka!? Later on Alec approaches Aldertree. Threats are issued. Looks like a little power struggle between these two is sure to result.

Hotel du Mort:

Izzy takes up someone else’s dinner offer. She eats fancy food with Raphael. They have begun drug centered dating with his venom, her blood and their newfound love. After hearing from Magnus that Izzy was most likely getting Yin Fen straight from Raphael’s arm, Alec busts up in the joint like it ain’t no body’s business. Raphael is too impaired to fight back fully. Somehow he finds enough sobriety to confess his feelings to Alec who almost bashes Raphael’s skull in. Thank God for Magnus. I mean, how many times have we had to say that?! Magnus pulls Alec away, but he is angry. Alec storms out like he entered. This time he takes Izzy. She dismisses him. She tells Alec to let her go; she is an adult. Meanwhile, Magnus asks Raphael to reconsider his love once Izzy’s0 blood is no longer in his system.

Valentine’s Fun House of Emotional Torture:

Madzie is a young powerful warlock, but still a kid. Valentine manipulates her with lies and promises of seeing her nana, Iris, again. He also threatens Dot, promising he will stop her injections if she does not continue to do his bidding correctly. Why is Valentine still alive?

Clary, Simon and Jace leave Jade Wolf to find Madzie. They go to the park where Madzie was last seen. They recover her scarf from a homeless man. They use the scarf to trace Madzie’s whereabouts. Jace recognizes that Valentine is purposely leading them to Madzie. They know he wants Clary to activate the Soul Sword. Luke calls to warn Simon to lay low due to the aftermath of the interspecies meeting. In Simon’s time of distraction, Jace manages his escape to save Madzie alone. Clary and Simon hang out on the top of his van. She is dying but he is not giving up. They admit they are happy they took it to the next step together.

Jace finds Valentine and Madzie sitting in a diner. He explains that Valentine will need to give up Madzie or Clary with die of the of the blood oath. That means no more chances left to activate the Soul Sword for Valentine. Valentine set young Madzie free. Jace brings her to a weak Clary who is now only sustaining by the love of her very best friend turned lover. Clary and Madzie embraces. Clary is healed. Jace and Simon dap it up. What a delightful moment, until Madzie stretches out the tiniest digits magic can hold. Madzie creates a portal that takes her and Clary to heaven knows were but most likely to yet another of Valentine’s creepy hideouts.

Simon and Jace are fast to save Clary. They are led straight to Valentine. This is no surprise.

Simon attempts to battle Valentine with vampire strength, but he fails. Valentine manages to kidnap Simon. Clary is beyond distraught!


That darn Madzie! Is she undeniably adorable, downright evil or a little bit of both? Will Clary activate the Sword?

Let us know in the comments.

The original airing of this show occurred on 2/27/2017. Stay tuned for the mid-season finale episode recap, “By the Light of Dawn”.
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Recap by Nat P.


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