Shadowhunters – Season 2 Episode 8 “Love is a Devil”

Previously on Shadowhunters…

Vampire Brooklyn:
Izzy is yin-fen’d out, guys. She has found herself in the most precarious of positions. She is with a den of vampires who want to drain her blood in exchange for their venom. What good is the high she’s seeking, if it leaves her dead? It is almost as if Izzy realizes this a minute too late. Good thing Raphael swoops in to save the day, right before the coven attacks. There are perks to being the Vampire king or whatever his position is these days. Raphael chastises Izzy a bit, but finally gives in to her promised one time request that he takes her blood. She raves off his venom. It is everything she needs to kick her Yen Fin cravings.

Shadowhunters - Season 2 Episode 8 “Love is a Devil”

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Jade Wolf:
Clary and Jace tell Luke the second purpose of the Soul Sword. Luke is not happy at all. Afterall, the Sword can be used to destroy all Downworlders. This intensity barely dies down when Clary and Jace later reveal to the entire crew that Downworlders are at stake, but there is a demon that can destroy the Sword. They ask how Clary knows. She says the angel communicated this information to her. Magus explains that Clary must have a blood link to that angel. This means Clary has pure angel blood. Clary can activate the Soul Sword. Huge. This is huge!

Maryse Lightwood arrives from Idris with youngest son Max. Because Mr. Lightwood could not attend one of the most important moments of his young son’s life as a Shadowhunter, Alec must step up as second in charge. He is tasked with preparing a party for Max’s rune ceremony. Alec, slightly annoyed by his mother’s disapproval of his relationships, asks Magnus to plan the soiree. Magnus is reluctant, but Alec insists this is a way to show they are the real deal, couple wise.
When Alec gives Maryse the party invitation, she goes at it with the hatery we have become so accustomed to from her. Her complaints are thick. “Magnus is a Warlock. This is unacceptable. It goes against tradition.” She relies on the usual talking points, but Alec is not deterred.

Valentine’s Radar:
Dr. Warlock aka Iris is back, sitting on a park bench watching her little god-daughter Madzie play. Lucky for no one breathing, Valentine shows up. At first Iris is happy he’s soliciting her services until he threatens her. Valentine insists Iris does a favor for him or she’ll never sees Madzie again.

Magnus’ Lair:
Max’s party is underway. Clary and Simon arrive together as an item. Back at the bridge, Simon decided to be honest about how he feels. Clary surprisingly shares his affections. Jace and Maia bicker in efforts to avoid the fact that Clary and Simon are happy together. Jace congratulates the new couple, anyhow.

The guest of honor arrives with his mama. Suddenly, things get crazy. Climon, fresh off the press, is challenged by Simon and Maia getting cozy in the corner or so Clary sees. Magnus concludes it is his special sangria messing with Clary’s mind. Soon after young Max is flipping off at the mouth at everyone especially Jace, saying Jace is not his real brother. Later Maryse comes to Jace’s room to talk to him in aftermath. She starts coming at him hard about his demon blood saying she wanted him dead. She tries to attack him or so Jace thinks. Alec succumbs to Clary, who is now blaming him for Jocelyn’s dead. Or at least that is how it appears to Alec. Everyone is in full flip out mode at this point. Alec almost goes over the edge, literally. Magnus saves him. At that moment Magnus realizes that he needs his counter spell book. He is able to grab whatever hypnosis has come over the party, making his guest hallucinate to their fears.

Then Magnus’ book miraculously disappears out of his hand. He immediately puts his lair on lock down, because he is certain another warlock is there. After spending time searching everyone, Magnus reluctantly concludes he is the only warlock in attendance until he thinks back to the French cat he saw earlier while to Jace. The cat is Iris! He brings Iris to true form. Iris tells Magnus Valentine has his counter spell book, but she does not know the reason Valentine sent for it. Meanwhile, Iris activates the blood contract she made with Clary a few episodes ago. She charges Clary to find Madzie.
Once everyone is clear minded and free of the spell, they apologize for their perceived transgressions. They are all cool again or so it seems. The Lightwood parents are having marital problems. Alec blames himself for Jocelyn’s death. Jace is insecure about his relationship with Maryse, and Clary worries that she will not be able to fully relate to Simon, because she is not a downworlder. This is real stuff. These deep seated issues will most likely linger until they are completed extinguished.

Max’s Rune Ceremony:
If it is one thing Shadowhunters do well, it is ceremonies. Amidst beautiful craftsmanship, poetry for the soul and symbolic gestures, Max is runed into official Shadowhunterdom.

After the ceremony, Clary and Jace discuss the revelation that she has pure angel blood. They arrive at the same thought. Valentine is coming for Clary. Jace vows to protect her until the end. This all should be interesting.

What does this new Clary revelation mean? Will she and Simon make it, despite coming from opposite sides of the Shadow World tracks? Are you now thirsty for some Sangria?

Let us know in the comments section.

Stay tuned for the next episode, “Bound by Blood” airing Monday, February 27, 2017 8p ET on Freeform

Written by Nat P.

To Love Is To Live~ Nat





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