Shadowhunters – Season 2 Episode 7 “How Are Thou Fallen”

Previously on Shadowhunters…

Shadowhunters - Season 2 Episode 7 “How Are Thou Fallen”

One of Valentine’s Hideouts:

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Sister Cleophas returns to Valentine. He questions why she reignited her circle rune after all these years. She decided to prove her loyalty by showing Valentine that Clary can create her own runes. Valentine is always ahead of the game. He goes to an “old friend” he has chained away. Apparently, Valentine freed this friend from some sort of entombment and gave him as much as a home that Valentine can give to anyone. In turn, this friend is calling to Clary, apparently through visions. He’s the one sending Clary the mystery runes! Valentine tells him it is too late. He already has the Cup and the Sword.

Magnus’ Lair:

Magnus and Alec portal back home. They have been to Prague, Tokyo and everywhere else picking up the best food. Lucky monsters! Alec reveals that he has a gift for Magnus. It is a spiritual token that is supposed to bring luck and protection. This melts Magnus’ heart and gives him a bit of anxiety.

They try to have some alone time, but Jace’s sexcapades and the Shadowhunter’s call disrupts them. Alec tells Jace to stop dipping his sorrows in avoidance simply because Aldertree kicked him out of the Institute. Jace declines. He decides to indulge in his free time.

The Institute:

Everyone but Jace reconvenes at the Institute after they receive the call. Clary attempts to apologize to Izzy but she is met with reproach. Izzy is on edge and does not want to make amends. She seeks out Yin Fen in Aldertree’s office but the case is empty! Izzy starts to spazz. We now have a full on druggy.

Later, when Alec comes to Izzy, says she is checking out rogue vamp dens. Alec senses something is wrong with her. Lucky for Izzy, Alec is preoccupied with getting it in with Magnus. Izzy dishes out sisterly advice and passes yet another round of covering up her Yin Fen addiction.

Later when Alec returns to Magnus’ home, they finally take their relationship to the next level. Looks like Izzy knows what she is talking about despite her struggles.

Jade Wolf:

Clary meets Simon at the boat shed. She sees him getting ready for his date with Maia. Then there’s an awkward moment where one might suggest that Clary was jealous. Yet she does the right thing. She tells him to go, because she also has to handle Shadowhunter business. She compliments him and leaves.

Later she returns with Luke informing him of her new rune abilities. She has also discovered that his sister, Cleophas, has been kidnapped by Valentine. Luke tells Clary, Cleophas may have gone at free will because of her history as a Circle member.

Shortly after, Cleophas finds her way to our favorite Wolf stake out joint with a self inflicted stomach wound. Clary wants to help immediately. Luke vehemently disagrees. He does not have time for her shenanigans. Eventually, Clary catches on to Cleophas lies. She decides it is best for them to let Cleophas lead them to Valentine to retrieve the sword. Luke blocks that shot. He wants the Clave to handle his sister. Clary, never being one to wait for anything to happen on its own, tasers Luke thus allowing Cleophas to escape with her.

A Bar In Brooklyn:

Maia is bartender and Magnus is client. He pours his feelings into his drink. He is not accustomed to receiving, only to giving. Alec’s gift has affected him. Magnus seems touched.

Izzy sashays in to meet a man name Rufus who is banned from North America for selling Yin Fen. Magnus intercepts. Izzy makes up a lie that she is on official business from Aldertree to crack down on the Downworlder drug trade. He tells Izzy in order to stop a Yen Fin trade, one must attack the King Pen which would most likely be a vampire because Yen Fin is made of vamp venom.

Simon arrives early, too early, for his date with Maia. Maia lets him know it is okay for him to wait until she finishes her shift. Meanwhile, Izzy walks her way up to him with seems like new found confidence, now that she knows there is a chance she can get high again. Yet she loses it, by offering her blood as a solution for Simon’s anxiety. Izzy wants his venom in exchange. Simon is weirded out. Izzy realizes what she has done, plays it off and leaves. This is bad.

Too bad Jace’s arrival makes things worse for Simon’s anxiety. Jace basically shows him he has no skills with women. After seeing Jace with four women, on his tour to forget Clary (like we do not know), Simon decides to take Jace’s tutoring. Jace tells Simon he needs to change everything about himself to get a woman like Maia.

Once Maia is off work, Simon has morphed into a paler version of Jace. Maia bolts. She let him know she will not stand for this behavior. He can contact her when the Simon she agreed to go on a date with returns.

Jace is still there with his sexy book club women. Luke arrives seeking Jace’s help in rescuing Clary. Luke does not seem mad about Clary’s betrayal.

Maia returns home from her date with Simon to read a little Jane Eyre. Simon, as Simon – not Jace, arrives a little behind her to apologize. She forgives by letting him know he is still in love with Clary based on what she overheard him saying to Jace. Maia urges him to pursue Clary by telling Clary the truth. Maia sacrifices her chances with Simon for the greater good. She agrees to remain cool.

On the way to Valentines:

Earlier in the day, Clary hears a debilitating sound that no one else at the Institute seems to detect. On the way to see her father, Clary hears the strange noise again. She attacks Cleophas thinking Cleophas is responsible for this audio disruption. After activating Cleophas’ hearing rune, Cleophas informs Clary the sound is not from her nor Valentine. They are the cries of an angel. Valentine has managed to capture an angel which is extremely rare. Cleophas is simultaneously shocked by this revelation and ensnared by the angel’s painful cries. She regrets everything especially killing her Ironbatai, who now has a name, Magdelena. Cleophas decides that she does not agree with Valentine any longer. Cleophas tells Clary, she must go with her to Valentine’s, it is the only way to stop him from having the angel activate the Soul Sword. Clary agrees just in time for Valentine and Jace to show up.

Clary convinces them Cleophas is needed. They all go to Valentines with Luke and Cleophas shocking him into a fight. Of course, Valentine somehow overpowers Cleophas, putting Luke at a disadvantage when he tries to shoot Valentine.

Upstairs Clary and Jace reaches the angel, after seraph blading fifty-leven of Valentine’s neo Shadowhunters. Clace tries to break his chains without success. The angel communicates with Clary to teach her how to break the heavy metal. Afterwards they both hold his outstretched hands seeing a vision of some sort of dark creature, who upon touching the Soul Sword, disintegrates along with the Sword.

Down Vamp Alley:

Izzy seems impervious to all that is going on in the Shadow World. Her main concern is Yin Fen or something much more effective. She searches for a coven of vamps that may help with her little problem. They find her first. Izzy could be in trouble.
Who is this special creature? Will it be someone new or one of our current Downworlder favorites?

Let us know in the comments section.

Stay tuned for the next episode, “Love Is a Devil” airing Monday, February 20, 2017 8p ET on Freeform

Written by Nat P.

To Love Is To Live~ Nat





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