Shadowhunters-Season 2 Episode 1: “This Guilty Blood”

Shadowhunters-Season 2 Episode 1: “This Guilty Blood”

Shadowhunters-Season 2 Episode 1: “This Guilty Blood”

On the premiere episode of Shadowhunters season 2…

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Valentine’s Ship:
Things begin exactly where they left off, on Valentine’s New World Order ocean liner. There, we conclude Valentine is crazy; but we already knew that. Perhaps, Jace did not. Or maybe he failed to think through his goals thoroughly before deciding to join New York’s foremost psychopath with angle blood. Jace’s path changed as soon a Clary came aboard boat as secret cargo. Valentine, fresh off his victory tour, shows up. Jace tries to escape the boat to protect Clary. However, Valentine is eager to block Jace’s sudden moves with a seraph blade. Jace gets the best of him.

En route to escapeville, Jace kills Valentine at least three occasions before he realizes Valentine is too smooth for that kind of nonsense. Of course Valentine sent shape shifters instead of himself to test Jace. Jace realizes there is no way out. There is no Clary in white shining armor. There’s just his bad decision to join the dark side if only for a little while. Poor guy. We’ve all been there.

Eventually, Valentine realizes that Jace’s strength is phenomenal but his loyalty is lacking. Valentine first attempts corporeal means of correcting Jace’s flaw, but he soon realizes pulling heartstrings works better. Valentine tells Jace that he’s been in his life since the beginning. Basically, he gave Jace demon blood in vitro. Now Jace is stronger than the average Shadowhunter, quicker, faster and a ticking time bomb for evil activity, apparently. Valentine is odd. Really, really …odd. This only increases Jace’s desire to get the hell out of there. He considered jumping overboard, but Valentine One Step Ahead Morgenstern, reveals that the water surrounding the boat will eat Jace’s skin alive.

The Institute:
Squees are in order as we see The New York Institute for the first time since the hiatus. Nothing has changed. There’s still turmoil, crisis, sad faces and Alec flipping out for no apparent reason other than he has a personality disorder of sorts. Lydia is still running the institute, technically. She informs Alec she is not having it regardless if Jace is gone, Alec cannot trace the parabatai bond, and he is deeply in love with Jace even though he’s now seeing Magnus, or something like that. Lydia tells him to take a chill pill. The rest of The Institute will find Jace. Alec decides to leave but throws a tantrum in the process, pushing a supportive Magnus away.

Clary visits her mom, Jocelyn’s room for full on confrontation. She would not be Clary if she came any other way. Clary calls Jocelyn out for withholding everything from her; especially that she had Shadowhunter blood. Clary also revealed that she knew Valentine is her father and Jace is her brother Jonathan.
‘Hold up. What?’Jocelyn does not agree with this. She saw Jonathan burn in a fire. Something is wrong. Always by my woman’s side, Luke, steps in to say that Jocelyn must have been wrong because Jonathan, now Jace, is alive, functioning and with Valentine. Jocelyn does not like this news but too bad, because The Institute is now under new leadership.

Maryse went behind Lydia’s back and appointed The Clave’s Victor Aldertree to run the place. He immediately puts the entire institute on lockdown until he interrogates everyone. In the process, he bans all downworlders from The Institute until he can get a handle on the Jace situation. This means Magnus, Luke and our boy-toy Simon are goners.

After serious probing of staff, Aldertree decides that Jace is a traitor. This man truly believes in “work smarter, not harder”. He wants Jace destroyed. He lifts the agency wide lockdown except on Clary and Jocelyn, stating they are too closely related to the prime target. He also does not want Izzy or Alec on the case either. This guy is tough balls.

Jade Wolf:
When has Clary followed the rules? Like, never. Of course, with some indirect advice from Izzy, Clary escapes the institute. She goes to Luke, who stealthily summons her mother. Jocelyn arrives at Were Central, with one goal. She locks Clary and Simon in the boat house to keep them from trying to rescue Jace. Simon had nowhere to go during The Institute’s lockdown. Luke invites him over. The rest of the pack is not happy. They banish Simon to their…errr… guest house.

Anyhow, Luke is an awesome mentor for Simon. He basically tells Simon he needs to be bold about his feelings for Clary. After Clary and Simon are locked in by the skilled and crafty Jocelyn, Simon tries vampire strength and speed to break down the back door. The door remains intact until he tries to tell Clary that he has always had feelings for her. Suddenly, the door falls allowing them freedom. Simon never gets his words out. Back to being in unrequited friendship or whatever it is really called. Sad zone. That is more fitting.

Magnus’ Lair:
Well, Magnus was not putting up with Alec’s stank behavior. He left the Institute informing Alec he wanted nothing to do with him after that display of misplaced anger. Alec, realizing what a total jerk he was, goes after Magnus and finds him at home, Tai Chi-ing up some serious magic sans shirt. Whoa! This definitely helps speed things along. Right away, Alec apologizes. Magnus asks not to be excluded from Alec’s worries again. Alec agrees. Magnus helps Alec strengthen his parabatai bond in order to find Jace. Go team Malec.

Somewhere in New York:
Jace is back and he’s working the mean streets of New York. Of course this is another one of Valentine’s quickie Shadowhunter Armageddon training excursions. All involved finds out Jace is back in action including Aldertree.
In their attempt to track Jocelyn, Simon and Clary finds her stalking Valentine and Jace. Jocelyn is fierce. She gets right into action, shooting an arrow into Valentine right after Jace breaks the Accords by killing a Vampire leader who has surrendered to the Clave. Once again, Jace questions his goodness. Jocelyn does not stall. She is there to kill Jace. Clary realizes this and goes for her mother who misses just as Valentine and Jace jump portal.

Oh, lord. Expect drama, when Clary forces Jocelyn to process what has occurred.

How did you all like the new season opener? Whose side is Jocelyn on, anyway? Is Jace really all that bad? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Stay tuned for next episode,”A Door into the Dark” airing Monday, January 9, 2017 8p ET on Freeform

Written by by Nat P.

To Love Is To Live~ Nat






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