Serena Williams Even While Pregnant…Proves She’s Still Better At Tennis Than You!!

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Serena Williams Even While Pregnant...Proves She's Still Better At Tennis Than You!!

Serena Williams, who has become known as the world’s #1 tennis champion in the female category normally plays every major tennis tournament she can.  However, due to her pregnancy, she was forced to remain on the sidelines at the French Open. But she has made it known that she has no intentions of quitting the sport that made her a worldwide phenomenon. Serena absolutely adores the game of tennis – hell, she even created the “Serena Slam!” When she serves a ball to her opponent, WATCH OUT! Very few female tennis pros can return Serena’s serve. It’s hard to believe that Serena is already 7 months along – but that hasn’t stopped her ability to hit that tennis ball – she’s a pro and she knows it. No other female tennis player can hit a ball like Serena can.

Simply amazing! At 35 years old, Serena Williams seems unstoppable. Let’s hear it for Serena!  She has earned every single title that she has won. Today the world knows Serena as the very “Greatest of All Time” players and believe it or not, she continues to practice on her own personal tennis court. She is approaching the 7 month mark in her pregnancy.  This is Serena’s 1st baby. Serena is the queen of tennis and is also the greatest champion who has performed at the Australian Open tournament.

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On the 15th of this month, Serena posted a video, which showed off her “baby bump” while she was keeping fit by exercising, hmmm – where have we heard that phrase before?!

Serena and her older sister, Venus were both taught how to play the game of tennis from their father, “Richard Williams” and the rest, as they say, is “history”.  Serena has developed many skills that have become very useful, such as her trademark powerhouse backhander, which she sometimes does just as a warm up; right before she brings out the big guns in her game. Those ball shots that she does with her forearms are so powerful, she’s a blast to watch on TV. Even though she has to take it easy with the baby and all, I am almost positive that she could outplay 90% of any other female opponent during a match, if she were allowed too, but she is playing it safe.

When she walks onto a court, the crowd cheers her on – and, what’s even more impressive is the way she practices her tennis game, and, only a few days later, she posted a different video of herself “dancing in the rain” in Paris of all places – just awesome. Serena has come a very long way and, with one umbrella that she was holding, she made it look so simple and very flexible, as if she was performing on Broadway – just like the “Rockettes”, Serena was able to thrust her legs and feet up high, and, as we all know those long legs of hers do wonders on the tennis court. However, in this situation, this beautiful, talented and successful tennis player and expectant new mama is feeling just fine – like a glass of wine, and who doesn’t seem to have one single worry in her world. Serena has always stayed fit as a fiddle so it’s no wonder that she moves effortlessly, like a ballerina without a noticeable sign of any “baby bump” which to many woman is considered simply awesome. This is one amazing woman and nothing can stop her from achieving the goals she sets for herself. She is having the time of her life and it’s so very well deserved.

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If you have followed Serena’s career as I have, you will agree that it’s a great feeling to see her this jubilant and glowing with delight about her new life – however, for the sake of her baby, she is forced to sit on the sidelines for the remainder of this year. She wasn’t able to play at the French Open, which just recently ended – the tournament’s winner went to a 20 year old young lady, whose name is “Jalena Ostapenko” – also, Serena will be forced to skip Wimbledon, another major tournament that starts right before the July 4th holiday, perfect timing to sit back and relax while watching another great day of tennis, which, by the way starts on the 3rd of next month. And, another awesome tournament, which is held in New York every August is the U.S. Open – scheduled to air towards the end of August – and, Serena might just be giving birth when that tournament kicks off. Even though it’s a bit upsetting to fans, and of course the mother to be, unfortunately, Ms. Williams will probably stay off the courts until the end this year – but, as far as the world is concerned, just the mere fact that she actually won another “grand slam” at the Australian Open with a precious baby growing inside her tummy is absolutely fantastic, not to mention amazing. Wow! Is there nothing this woman cannot do?!

Even though Serena continues to practice as if she is preparing for another major, she knows it’s best to take it easy and not to pretend that she is Superwoman. Everyone has their limits, especially when a woman is expecting. At the age of 35, Serena is very well aware that she is preparing for motherhood for the 1st time ever in her very long career, and, as we all know, she could easily give up and say goodbye to the game that has made her an icon in the world of tennis, BUT and this is huge folks – Serena refuses to give up and is “not retiring” even after she has her baby, as one particular source stated in an EXCLUSIVE interview with “” however, as the pro that Serena is, her plans for the future will definitely mean that she is “going to pick her spots moving forward.” Ms. Williams future right now includes taking a much deserved “break away from the game to be a mother,” however, as y’all can see in the video, this is all the proof she needs to let her fans know that Tennis will always be part of her life and she has NO plans to ever place her racket in the closet and close the door for good – nope, she will be back after her maternity leave and will be faster than ever before…..GO Serena!!

Congratulations to Serena Williams on the pregnancy of her 1st child. Stay tuned for more baby alerts!

Written by Renee Barbee

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