Serena Williams “Baby Bump” Featured On Cover of Aussie Magazine

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Serena Williams "Baby Bump" Featured On Cover of Aussie Magazine

The famous tennis star, “Serena Williams” is showing off, or shall we say “sporting” a really large “baby bump” which is now the feature photo, which can be seen on the front cover of the magazine, referred to as “Stellar” and, Serena, who is known worldwide for what she calls the “Serena Slam” and is almost unstoppable, once she sets her mind to it, watch out! Her baby is due to be born within the next month or so, according to the “Daily Mail.”

Serena Williams "Baby Bump" Featured On Cover of Aussie Magazine

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Williams, at the age of 35, is a legend and an icon in the world of professional tennis – this photoshoot for the popular magazine also included a long chat by Serena herself, which turned into a full blown interview – and rightfully so as she discussed the topics of her pregnancy, women’s rights, and the issue of understanding people and communicating with each other – which is so important for all children, especially for her own child, which continues to grow every day inside her belly.

“There are barriers I hope to break so my baby, whether boy or girl, won’t have to live under those stipulations,” as Serena stated.

“I definitely am a feminist. I like to stick up for women and women’s rights. So many things happen and I just think, ‘Wow, why don’t we have a chance?’” “If that makes me a feminist, I am proud to be one,” as Serena continued. She is also a huge advocate of women’s rights!

On the front page “cover” of the magazine, “Aussie” you can see the beautiful tennis pro, who is their featured prize for this particular issue – and, Serena is shown with a coat, which is pink in color and made out of silk – oh, how I love the feel of silk, and of course, the lovely Serena was wearing, which covered the black “Berlei” bra that she wore underneath. As you can see from the cover page, her coat was opened to show Serena’s gorgeous “baby bum” in all its glory – and, as the saying goes, “she is simply glowing” which describes a woman when she is with child.

Serena is a vivacious woman, always looks fabulous, and by the look on her face, she was telling the world, that she is very comfortable with her body and nothing can keep her down – basically saying, look out world, my baby and I are ready to tackle anything that comes our way.

What else would we expect from the world champ that she is?! Serena gave an in depth interview, discussing issues such as feminism and what her plans are for the future of all children, including her own. Society today has a lot of problems – and, those of who are mothers, well know, that “Rome Wasn’t Built In One Day” and those barriers will take some time to break down but with Serena on board, progress will be made.

Serena Williams is ready to take on the world, however, that will have to wait until the birth of her baby and her wedding.

Written by Renee Barbee

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