Season 7 “American Horror Story” Update

Season 7 “American Horror Story” Update

I feel like a kid on Christmas!!! Ryan Murphy revealed the title of Season 7 “American Horror Story” during Comic-Con–“Cult”, with a premiere date of September 5. Ryan Murphy has given yet another clue on his Instagram the other day. If you’ve been following my other posts about “American Horror Story”. “American Horror Story” Season 7 Tease: The Monsters and Sarah Paulson Leaving “American Horror Story”?!. You know Ryan Murphy has been going to his Instagram to provide fans small little clues about Season 7.

Season 7 “American Horror Story” Update

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His latest clue describes how past seasons of AHS have tied into the circles of Hell as described by Dante Alighieri in “Inferno”. It is also interesting to note that “American Horror Story” has been approved for a total of 9 seasons, which also corresponds to 9 circles of Hell in “Inferno”. This is a little sad, seeing as how we are in season 7.

Season 7 “American Horror Story” Update

According to Ryan Murphy’s Instagram post, here is how the seasons of AHS line up so far with the “Inferno” theme and levels of Hell: Season 1 “Murder House” is Limbo, Season 2 “Asylum” is Fraud, Season 3 “Coven” is Treachery, Season 4 “Freak Show” is Greed, Season 5 “Hotel” is Gluttony, Season 6 “Roanoke” is Anger, and this coming Season 7 “Cult” will be Heresy. The only two levels of Hell left are Lust and Violence. I guess we will see how those play out in the next 2 seasons.

Fans can visit for more sneak peaks and interactive details about the upcoming season. How do you think “Cult” will play out? Are you looking forward to the new season?

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