Ryan Seacrest Returning to Host American Idol?! Kelly Ripa Livid!

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After what seemed like a gazillion months of “job auditions”, Kelly Ripa and ABC finally decided that Ryan Seacrest would be a perfect fit. They knew that he had other obligations–a radio show on the West Coast, producer on a few reality shows, including ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’, ‘ E News’, and ‘Robot Chicken’ and his hosting gig on Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve (he also has producer credits on this one)-but they offered and he accepted to take a permanent seat next to Ripa; thus ‘Live with Kelly’ became ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan’. He even said that they’d set up a studio next door to the Live set so when they went off the air, he could go right next door to broadcast his radio show and then he’d fly out on Friday to California for his other duties.


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Seems though that since ABC has acquired and plans to reboot Seacrest’s ‘American Idol’, rumors are flying that Ripa is once again worrying about her co-host’s loyalty. Ripa is reportedly at war with her co-star over his loyalty to her and his commitment to her show.



We all remember all too well the hissy fit Ripa threw when now ex-Live co-host Michael Strahan opted to join ABC’s Good Morning America on a full-time basis. She was so totally thrown by the announcement, arguing that she should have been notified in advance instead of hearing it at the same time the rest of the world learned on Strahan’s departure. Ripa had left the show for a quick vacation (?) and didn’t return until after Michael had left. Strahan exited stage right 30+ days early instead of drawing out his abandonment of ‘Live with Kelly and Michael’. With his early departure, Kelly didn’t have to deal with Strahan and her hurt feelings.


However, Seacrest has not said that he will do-host the “AI” reboot. In fact, has he even been offered it yet? But it does same that since ABC has Seacrest under contract, he’d be the first choice to join AI and whoever the network selects for its judges. if he will indeed host the reality competition as details of the reboot are still being fleshed out.



‘There is no contract for Idol. He is in early conversations. His deal with Live was made independent of Idol,’ a Seacrest rep said.


Ironically, on. On Monday’s ‘Live’ broadcast, Ripa joked with Ryan about him returning to ‘Idol’, ‘I went into seclusion when American Idol was canceled. Are you going to host it? Please tell me yes.’


Reports had that ABC wanted ‘American Idol’ winner Kelly Clarkson to host, but she announced on Thursday that she would be joining rival singing competition show, ‘The Voice’ next spring.


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"To be honest, I'm just winging it...so far so good!" Rhonda
“To be honest, I’m just winging it…so far so good!” Rhonda



















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