“ROHNJ”: Teresa Giudice Fake News or Not?

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"ROHNJ":  Teresa Giudice Fake News or Not?

Rumors are flying that Teresa has been messing around with a handsome NJ man. A source close to me stated that a lot of people are saying she has been seen with this man a few times and from the looks of it, “they are not just friends”.

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So is Theresa cheating on Joe? Teresa states the story is “fake”

She stated “I guess this is what Donald Trump means when he says fake news.”

"ROHNJ": Teresa Giudice Fake News or Not?

According to the RHONJ guest star, “Kim DePaola,” she revealed she received an envelope with the picture of a man that Teresa has been seen with. Prior to her receiving the envelope, her hair stylist informed her of Teresa’s infidelity. Kim thinks that Teresa should find someone else, she should leave Joe. I agree with Kim on that! Can’t wait to see Kim D again on the show again, Kim is a very busy woman, with her shop Posche, guest starring on RHONJ. And although she couldn’t reveal the name of the show, she has been back and forth to LA to film another show! Can’t wait to find out what the show is and when it will be aired.

Teresa’s attorney, James Leonard Jr, states the rumors are false and she is not cheating on her husband Joe Giudice who is serving time in prison for fraud charges. Her attorney said that she talks to him every day and goes to see him every two weeks. He also stated she will be visiting this weekend for Father’s Day.

"ROHNJ": Teresa Giudice Fake News or Not?

Teresa is staying busy raising her 4 daughters. Her Dad moved in with her since the passing of her mom. Teresa is writing a book called “Standing Strong” which will be released in the fall.

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