Rob’s Recent Drama To Be Aired on “KUWTK”!

Rob's Recent Drama To Be Aired on "KUWTK"!

Momma Kris Jenner is at it again, she has found a way to keep viewers watching. It was said that she plans on using Rob’s drama with Blac Chyna on their show to boost ratings.

Rob's Recent Drama To Be Aired on "KUWTK"!

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Rob released nude photos of Chyna and slammed her on social media. After he sent those photos Chyna took legal action, she got a temporary restraining order because she stated he physically abused her. Rob claimed she abused him by trying to choke him with a charging cord and beat him with a metal rod.

Rumors are that Chyna sold a sex tape to get back at him, Rob stated they had unsafe sex and she could be pregnant again, OH Please NO!

Rob's Recent Drama To Be Aired on "KUWTK"!


Do we really need to hear all their dirty laundry? What sucks is that their daughter Dream will grow up and see all this.

So Kris is going to use all this on the new season. Way to go Kris! she states she is distraught about all of this, but also excited too because she knows this will bring in a lot more viewers.
Kris is also worried about Rob’s business venture with his Sock line. Socks? really Rob. Kris is trying to damage control so it doesn’t hurt his business. So really was there someone getting ready to buy his over priced socks and decided not too because of all this drama? HA, I think not!
A source said that Kris will pay Chyna for using this drama, of course, she will, Chyna is definitely going to cash in on this!

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