“RHONY”: You Have Not Been A Good Friend To Me!

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Here we go, the way I view last episode of NY housewives. More of the same when it comes to Luann’s wedding, I still don’t get what is wrong with these ladies mind, Bethenny hysterical and crying over Luann shoulder, listen I am one of Bethenny biggest fan, but enough with the crying by now she should know that Luann doesn’t care about your tears, she’s still going to get married, good thing Bethenny did apologize and wish her well, end of story.


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"RHONY": You Have Not Been A Good Friend To Me!


I did have a laugh when Bethenny said that Tom was not so good looking when he was in school, so now he haves a little money and is showing off, maybe she does have a point. Love when Sonja said “everyone should keep off now” . Really they do, but my instinct tells me that is not going to happen specially with Ramona who I think is still mad a Luann, you must remember that she did dated Tom and cannot stop herself in calling his ex girlfriends or other people that know him to ask if he is still doing his old tricks.


I really feel for Bethenny and what she’s going thru with Jason, his a stalker and that is a very dangerous situation, I can only imagine how this situation is affecting her, but at the same time she should be proud of herself and all the things she has accomplished on her own and the power she’s giving to other women’s by launching B Strong, this organization is describe as “emergency assistance”, this programs is designed to help women’s in hardship. Bethenny is using her negative experience to help others. Good for her, because people who didn’t not like her since they thought she was mean and loud mouth can see another side of her.


Now talking about Ramona, what is wrong with her, I think she’s using the same thing that Lisa Rinna is doing . I have always thought that Ramona is one crazy lady (to put it nice), but I really do think she’s going over board. When Bethenny told her you have not been a good friend to me and she says really Bethenny, if you have watched the New York franchise since the beginning, we all know that Ramona was not nice with Bethenny, do I think she’s jealous of Bethenny, I really do. Now she has accused Bethenny of not having many friends and speaking her mind off in a not so nice way, but Ramona has have problems with basically all the ladies since day one. I must say that I agree with Bethenny, not because I am her fan, but because Ramona is crazy and is been very nasty and cruel.


Counting the days for the next episode, just to see how it goes down and waiting for the other Housewives to start, I must say I do enjoy watching them, even when I don’t agree or don’t like some of them.


Written by Maria Q

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