“RHONY”: The Berkshires, Third Time’s a Charm…Really!


Here’s how I view this episode. All the ladies were having a say in Luann’s wedding. I don’t get it. Didn’t she made it clear last season that she did not want to know if Tom was cheating on her.  I get that maybe, just maybe, they are being good friends but, she loves him and he loves her.  And they are getting married.


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My opinion, which I know doesn’t count, is let her be. She’s a grown woman who knows what’s good for her (does she).


Now changing the subject what is wrong with Sonja and Tinsley? Both are acting like they don’t like each other, I think is time for Tinsley to move on and be glad that Sonja was a good friend to her, at least while it lasted. But there’s a saying “that on the third day a dead body begins to stink”.


On another note, loved watching Carole with Adam’s parents, they seem to like her, which is a good thing.


I also enjoy that moment when Bethenny saw the flowers that her boyfriend sent her with the funny quote. I am really happy for her.  She seems more mellow this season. But let’s see if Ramona keeps picking on her.


“RHONY”: The Berkshires, Third Time's a Charm…Really!


Finishing with a very Happy Birthday to Dorinda, you just gotta love this lady!


Written by Maria Q


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