“RHONY”: Luann de Lesseps Stands By Her Man!


The question is does Luann trust Tom?


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In some episodes, she says she trusts him 100%. What I really think is No! But again, is her life she is the one who is going to be living with him.


I think that their marriage is not going to end right. First, we all know he is a cheater and as the saying goes “once a cheater always a cheater”. I just think that she’s the type of woman that doesn’t one to be alone. She is too quick to think that Tom will change if she keeps pampering him, which he told her in last night episode.


It also seems that every time they get into an argument or fights, her runs out and tries to get something out of his old girlfriend, if you can call it that.


I do really hope they can make a good marriage, but like I said before I really don’t think so.


Written by Maria Q

“Never give up!” ~Maria







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