“RHONY” LuAnn and Tom’s Special Request for Their Wedding

“RHONY” LuAnn and Tom’s Special Request for Their Wedding

“RHONY” LuAnn and Tom’s Special Request for Their Wedding

Tom D’Agostino and his new bride LuAnn de Lesseps had a special request of their wedding guests instead of giving gifts to the couple, they asked that guest give donations to one or two of their favorite charities. That was a lovely gesture, that many affluent brides and grooms ask for, but a few days before the New Year’s Eve wedding, the couple sent out a strange email asking that donations be sent to a GoFundMe.com account to help with medical expenses of an unidentified relative.
Some of the guests thought that it was a generous and loving gesture while others thought it was “tacky.” One upset guest made a comment that “You’re going to spend a half-million-plus on a wedding, and then ask your friends to cough up for your relative’s Band-Aids?” and “LuAnn and Tom are both very rich — [they should] write a check to their relative and not hustle their wedding guests for cash.” Oh snap. Is that proper etiquette? We may want to read LuAnn’s etiquette book for that answer.

Other than that email snafu, it was said that the wedding was one of “class and sophistication” and that “It really didn’t seem like a reality star’s wedding,” said a wedding guest at the Brazilian Court Hotel in Palm Beach, Fla. “There weren’t cameras in your face” or production staff “asking you to sign releases.” Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. D’Agostino!

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Written by Cheryl S.

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