“RHONY” Former Cast Mate Coming Back?

“RHONY” Former Cast Mate Coming Back?

“RHONY” Former Cast Mate Coming Back?

“RHONY” Former Cast Mate Coming Back?

Former cast mate Kelly Bensimon hinting of a possible return to RHONY? Kelly’s Twitter fan base has practically been begging her to come back after her long absence from the show. Kelly tweets that “I am so overwhelmed by my twitter fan base. Shell shocked they realize after a lonely and hard 7 years that I am not crazy like I was portrayed on tv. My beautiful Ted speaking up for me.…

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Since I started on twitter, I told myself I’d be honest and transparent with the #rhony and all the fans. I will continue to be that! ❤

“RHONY” Former Cast Mate Coming Back?

Jan 22@kellybensimon smart lady!! Don’t be like that unraveling bully radziwell. Stay classy
I’m shell shocked how #rhony fans still harbor anger from a scene filmed for tv. How #unamerican to belittle others. Be kind…Kelly K. Bensimon added,
Who made the biggest impact during their time on the show? #RHONY🍎@mccordalex @AvivaDrescher @Jillzarin @kellybensimon @Bravotv @Andy

We can only hope that Bravo and Kelly make the right decision to get things back on track for the RHONY, now that Luann de Lesseps is married and may not be returning and Bethenny Frankel isn’t America’s sweetheart anymore, the timing may be right for Kelly Bensimon’s return.

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