“RHONY”: Are You Kidding Me?!

"RHONY": Are You Kidding Me?!

First of all everyone is asking was wrong with Ramona Singer this Season, honestly to me she’s the same as always, just that in this season she’s drinking more and maybe taking something else, but then she claims that she doesn’t remember, I really do think she has not gotten over her divorce, of course this is my personal opinion. I am very surprise and at the same time proud that Bethenny Frankel at no moment lost it and insulted her, Ramona should know by now that Bethenny is a self made woman who has accomplish what shes got with hard work, but one thing is clear and that is that Ramona has not been a good friend to Bethenny and to some of the other ladies, we all know it from past seasons. Why would Ramona do so much damage at Dorinda’s house,that was just plain mean, I’m still scratching my head wondering what the heck what she doing.

"RHONY": Are You Kidding Me?!

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Meanwhile I have to say that I loved all the portrait of Carole, the person sure did an excellent job. Watching the dinner of Luann in which Jill Zarin was there and she makes the comment “I miss the gossip” no you probably watch the show and will do anything to be in the Housewives of New York, she’s not my cup of tea, did not like her, she’s a very manipulative person and when she ask if Bethenny was invited to the wedding, no she’s not, but I for sure know that Bethenny gives Zero F#@K.

"RHONY": Are You Kidding Me?!

Love this ladies, well not all of them, still don’t have an opinion of Tinsley, I think is to early, but something tells me that she has a little crazy in her. They sometimes get on my nerve and I see my self masking a couple of them, yes I know that is not going to happen.😢😢😢 I must say that I love watching there is always something going on. I just can’t wait for next episode.

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