“RHONJ”: OUT OF CONTROL! Lauren Manzo’s Postpartum Partying Angers Fans!

Everyone is different when it comes to mothering and ‘Real Housewives Of New Jersey’s’ and ‘Manzo’d With Children’s, Lauren Manzo’s is no different. Sadly though, her lifestyle choices after having her daughter seem to be upsetting her followers on social media. It all began when Manzo posted several photos on social media of her partying and drinking after stating she suffers from postpartum depression. Fans got angry when they saw her socializing so much and wondered where her child was. One follower said, “Lauren Manzo has just had a baby! Yet she’s not giving a hoot about her child! #LetsDrink!” Lauren was having none of that even though the majority of her posts seem to be of exactly that. The baby at home and her socializing every night.
“RHONJ”: OUT OF CONTROL! Lauren Manzo’s Postpartum Partying Angers Fans!

Lauren defended her behavior and said, “How would you know? Because I don’t post about how I’m with her constantly? Mind your own fucking business!” She went on to say, “I’m not breast feeding, so if I want to drink I can! I promise I’ll raise my daughter not to be judgmental like you!” Personally, I don’t think it’s anyone’s business and if she wants to go out and party then so be it. No doubt her mother Caroline is raising the baby anyways.

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