“RHONJ”: Let Them Eat Cake. . . Or not!

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"RHONJ": Let Them Eat Cake. . . Or not!

So many things to ponder and discuss in this premiere episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey. . . Teresa actually admitting anger at Joe for his financial transgressions; Delores’ ex-hubby moving back in with her; Siggy’s loud, LOUD antics at her favorite Boca restaurant; Margaret Josephs, the newest addition to the Jersey Franchise, a 50 year old woman in pig-tails (we WILL discuss this more in detail later!); Danielle Staub’s insidious return (I think she’ll be wearing Teresa like last year’s Prada very soon), and finally the MOST shocking of ALL, Melissa Gorga (with help from her SIL Teresa) trashing a beautiful, most-assuredly very expensive, and probably very delicious designer cake. But many will never know. . . as it seems a good portion of the cake was destroyed in drunken silly antics. But ruined cake is never silly-it’s just plain wasteful.

I had to watch this scene several times to fully digest all that happened. The ladies gathered for a nice birthday dinner for Melissa Gorga while on their trip to Boca Raton, Florida. But quite soon into the dinner we see these ladies were DRUNK…DRUNK. And not in a cute, fun way. More in a messy, spill all-your-secrets way. Melissa sharing the story of the bachelorette party where Teresa ratted her out for Salsa dancing with boys ALL night; then we have Siggy boldly declaring herself the “most talented person on the face of the earth”. Yes, she gives good advice. I like her. She said “a man’s rejection is God’s protection”. I like that and will probably use it the first time my 14 year old daughter gets her heart broken, but “most talented person on the face of the earth”?? No-did I mention these ladies were inebriated? Now, let’s cue Siggy’s tears. Seriously, what was in those drinks??!!! And Siggy purposely dumps a half glass of red wine in the middle of the table??? (Ok-far worse than the cake throwing, I’ll admit. As I’ve said multiple times, these women were DRUNK.) Accusing each other’s husbands of being controlling (hey ladies, every one of you is a Real Housewife of New Jersey-televised antics for the world to see and then blog about at their whim-newsflash; your husband is NOT controlling!)

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So, I digress, back to the cake. I thought perhaps editing was to blame. Maybe they all had at least one piece and the bottom portion of the cake was sacrificed for dramatic effect. But no! As I watched again, not even one person got a full piece of cake. Come on ladies, this is just what you need right now. A little sugar high to help with the alcohol low. But that was not to be. As poor Siggy looked on, that gorgeous cake was torn to shreds. And apparently this causes quite the uproar thru the whole season. Siggy doesn’t get over it so well. She custom-created the cake just for Melissa. Very special; very personalized; very expensive; and very delicious (we assume). I also would be enormously pissed. I need cake; I need leftovers; I need two pieces; I need a piece for the morning with my coffee (and my hangover). But no, nothing, not even a crumb.

I am excited for this season.  It’s going to be a roller-coaster of emotions and personalities and I am all in for the ride. I am buckled up and ready to go. Are you? Let’s enjoy the ride together.

Now, let’s get back to those pig-tails. . .

Written by Susan Sutherland
Real Housewife of Frisco, Texas

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