“RHOC” Vicki Gunvalson Blacks Out in Iceland!!

"RHOC" Vicki Gunvalson Blacks Out in Iceland!!

During this season of “Real Housewives of Orange County”, the women take a trip to Iceland. In the RHOC preview trailer, viewers see someone being hauled away on a stretcher. This scene leaves fans wondering who was injured. Never one to stay out of the spotlight, OG Vicki Gunvalson, shares she was the mystery person being wheeled away. Vicki is no stranger to being injured “on set” as fans can recall the infamous Glamis, CA trip in which Vicki was riding in an ATV that overturned. Vicki had to be airlifted to the hospital.

"RHOC" Vicki Gunvalson Blacks Out in Iceland!!

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Recently in an interview with “ET”, Vicki teased the other girls were trying to take her out. She lightheartedly said, “They tried to kill me. That’s my story: They literally tried to kill me”. In regards to her accident in Iceland, Vicki said she does not remember much of the incident because she blacked out. When the episode airs, she will basically be seeing what happened her for the first time along with viewers. I can only imagine that will be an emotional viewing for Vicki. Vicki said her fellow cast mates were very worried about her. She said, “They all asked me, ‘do you want us to go to the hospital with you, or what do you want us to do?’ I said, ‘Stay back and whoop it up’—-I think they did”. Maybe her cast mates were worried about being criticized again for not going with her to the hospital like when they were in Glamis.

I’m glad to hear Vicki was not seriously injured in Iceland. What are your thoughts?

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