RHOC” Ten Years Later!

RHOC” Ten Years Later!

It’s been more than ten years since the Real Housewives of Orange County premiered as one of the first of the franchise. The faces have changed but the drama has not. Vicki Gunvalson is the only original cast member still involved with the production and she brings more drama than many in the show have. Vicki has been in and out of love and has been the queen of mean more than anyone else. Vicki has a new love this year but it hasn’t softened her personality just yet or her ability to disengage in verbal altercations or betrayals with some of the other housewives.

RHOC” Ten Years Later!

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Previously, the show focused on work, family and fun, but now much of the focus is on the women and their catfights, pettiness, and fake friends. It’s not all about how the other half lives as it was when the series first started. There are occasional visits from some of the “RHOC” alumni which is always fun and to find out where they are now in their lives is still an interest.

RHOC” Ten Years Later!

“RHOC” was the real guinea pig for the series and the ladies were more natural and authentic then. It seemed like some of the girlfriend relationships would last forever, but not in Orange County. Vicki and Tamra Judge were besties for quite some time and are now almost mortal enemies.

RHOC” Ten Years Later!

Who knew the show would still be on more than ten years later? The new season has already started on Bravo. Enjoy.

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