RHOC Star Awarded Millions After Being Raped By Law Enforcement Officer!

RHOC Star Awarded Millions After Being Raped By Law Enforcement Officer!

They’re supposed to be the pillars of our communities. Our heroes. Those who uphold the law while protecting our citizens. That couldn’t be further from the truth when the young daughter of OC’s Lynne Curtin was brutally raped by an on-duty Deputy Sheriff. Alexa Curtin was 22 when she and her former boyfriend got into an argument one night at his apartment. Deputy Nicholas Lee Caropino showed up and drove her to where her car was parked so she could leave the scene safely. He saw a pair of her underwear in the car and began to make inappropriate comments and gestures towards her. Caropino got out of the patrol car and back into the passenger side where Alexa was and proceeded to rape her. She filed a criminal lawsuit against him and the Orange County Sheriffs Department. The lawsuit claims that Nicholas had previously raped an 18-year old from San Juan Capistrano and the department moved slowly on any disciplinary action against the Deputy to suspend him from active duty.

RHOC Star Awarded Millions After Being Raped By Law Enforcement Officer!The previous, second rape that occurred was literally swept under the rug which allowed prosecutors to prove he was still actively working and in the field and therefore responsible for both rapes. Alexa’s attorney Jeremy Jass concluded, “The problem is during those nine months he was in the field and it was during those nine months that he raped Ms. Curtin.” Lawyers from the County Supervisors Office were actually authorized to fight Alexa’s case because they didn’t want to settle and give into her demands. How disgusting. Well that didn’t work and the jury awarded Curtin approximately $40 million dollars in the suit. Not enough in my opinion after being raped by someone we are supposed to trust with our lives.

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