RHOC season 12 Really Blows for Tamra Judge!

Now I ain’t saying she’s a skeeze, maybe horny old woman who thinks she’s hot is a better title. But what else would you call a woman who’s in a relationship and goes after a married man? That’s what All About the Tea is saying about Orange County housewife, Tamra Judge. And they’re planning to confront Mrs. Judge with the accusation during Season 12, which is filming even as we speak.


RHOC season 12 Really Blows for Tamra Judge!

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It’s been reported that a source on RHOC has a recording of Tamra offering to show off her fellatio skills to 98 Degrees band member, Jeff Timmons. Judge was involved with Eddie at the time and Timmons was engaged. The two were in a recording studio recording a song for NOH8, a gay rights campaign. Seems Tamra forgot to turn off her Mike before making the salacious offer. No word of Timmons actually took her up, or would that be down? on her offer. But the two are rumored to be still involved.


RHOC season 12 Really Blows for Tamra Judge!


RHOC producers somehow managed to get a copy of the recording from the reliable source and are now planning to expose Mrs. Judge on the reality show during Season 12. Tamra, in true banshee fashion, went off on the cast, crew and producers about the story. Even accusing one of her cast mates with being the culprit. But allaboutthetea knows who the source is, saying they are reliable but keeping mum about their identity, for the time being.


RHOC season 12 Really Blows for Tamra Judge!


So, I’m not saying she’s a skeeze, but if this is true…what a skeeze!


Written by Rhonda

"To be honest, I'm just winging it...so far so good!" Rhonda
“To be honest, I’m just winging it…so far so good!” Rhonda

















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