“RHOC”: Re-Cap -Armenian Rhapsody

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"RHOC": Re-Cap -Armenian Rhapsody

We begin this episode with Vicki and Tamra heading out to their pre-set lunch date to talk and clear the air; start things fresh; or at the very least, have the ability to “be civil” in a group environment. Tamra goes expecting an apology while Vicki is expecting a hug (and probably a casserole). They get neither. Vicki feels Tamra is causing the girls to take sides (Tamra’s) and Tamra is still upset (rightfully so) about the rumors Vicki has allegedly spread about Eddie being gay. Tamra asks a very good question, “Why would I be with someone who was gay?” And Vicki has a too-quick, not very good response “To get a gym?” If Tamra did have a casserole, now would be a great time to plunk it in Vicki’s lap. Lunch concludes with no resolution and Tamra declaring “you don’t deserve me!” Truth is; they are both a little crazy and actually do deserve one another. The best part of this lunch scene was the montage of video of the ladies together thru the years; Oh, the evolution of their faces. . . reminds me I need to call to book my next Botox appointment. Thanks girls.

"RHOC": Re-Cap -Armenian Rhapsody

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Now we find Peggy and Diko at dinner discussing the upcoming 22nd anniversary party they are throwing. Nice drinks, compressed Lobster salad, and Diko did not freak the waitress out with his butterfly impression. What IS a compressed salad? This was new to me; you?? Anyway, they discuss the conversation between David and Diko regarding Peggy’s cancer diagnosis. Not one to defend David Beador, but I don’t believe he meant to be insensitive. Shannon recently said on WWHL that he just doesn’t talk much; maybe it got lost in translation? (See what I did there?) The previous discussions up to this point, have been “hanky”, to coin a term from a Ghost from Housewives Past, Heather Dubrow. They just had not clearly relayed the situation. And so, some people might have honest questions. I think David’s was honest.

We get to meet Kelly’s dad, Frank, who is visiting from Arizona. They are cooking something up in the kitchen —disgust from Kelly’s mom. If looks could kill as she came up those stairs. Kelly suggests that they go to the senior center together; and mom isn’t having it. Apparently, Dad was gossiping about Mom’s family. Fabulous, Frank fits right in; make him a Housewife! Kelly explains in her testimonial that her parents were married for 30 years, but should have divorced when she was young. Yes, and we see why she feels this way. But Kelly just seems to adore her dad, and vice versa. And as I watch them all together, I realize when Kelly is nice, she’s just like her dad. And when she gets nasty, she’s just like her mom.

"RHOC": Re-Cap -Armenian Rhapsody

Now Lydia’s mom I just adore. Can she please adopt me? She is my favorite on-screen personality this season; she is just funny, kind, quirky, a super-fun grand mom-and how great does she look for 69 years old? The girls go on a shopping spree as the already rich matriarch apparently inherited more money when Lydia’s grandfather passed away. They drop a quick $1869.46 in a boutique and they weren’t even done-one more stop to go. Lydia said she loves that her mom spoils her; her mom says she “sponsors her”. However, Diko and Peggy are about to make this nearly 2 grand outing look like the $5.00 bill in my wallet I save for Sonic tip. I change my mind, I want Peggy and Diko to adopt me. . . or Lydia’s mom to sponsor me. Whichever . . .

The 22nd anniversary party is very nice. But anniversary of what? Radar Online reported that the Sulahain’s divorced back in 1996; and although they clearly stayed together, Radar Online could not locate any legal documentation that they re-married (Diko has said this report is false). This will most likely be brought up at the Reunion. . . to be continued. But nonetheless, they have been together 22 years-married or not; time to celebrate! Peggy makes sure they have dancing, lots of Armenian dishes, and a not-fat Belly Dancer. Yes, that’s right. We hear Peggy ask the manager regarding the hired entertainment “she’s not fat, right?” No, she’s not and she accepts cash in her G-string. A win-win.

We see Peggy try to bribe her elementary age son to broker the peace between Tamra and Vicki. He’s quite the little negotiator; raising his asking price to $1,000.00. Not enough money in the world, in my opinion. Run, kid; but grab that cash first.

I guess Tamra, Kelly and Shannon got the memo “wear a silver, sparkly dress to the event”; Vicki got no such memo. Hers said “buy a dress two sizes too small”. Please Vicki; fire your stylist and if you don’t have one, get one immediately!

It’s hilarious watching the women try to figure out the Hookah- but then we witness the very awkward conversation Vicki has with Peggy’s son on the dance floor. Why do people keep treating this 10 year old like he’s a 40 year old man?? Annnnddddd everyone just lost their buzz. Kid, I told you to ruuunnnn!

It was really fun to see Peggy let loose and smile a bit; Diko gifts them both matching Audemars Piguet watches ($80,OOO) and Peggy a 22 karat Diamond Necklace ($150,000). The latter must be the “push” present she didn’t receive, X 3. Kelly and Shannon; both dealing with difficulties in their marriages, take this opportunity to disparage the gifts they have, or have not received in the past.

"RHOC": Re-Cap -Armenian Rhapsody

Now Diko grabs Shannon (literally) for a conversation about how he thinks that David interrogated him about Peggy’s cancer. Diko goes on to say he didn’t think David meant to be rude and he doesn’t want to make a big deal out of it??? But he did make a big deal out of it; and he made Shannon feel like David did something wrong (i.e. was rude). Contradict yourself much? I actually feel bad for Shannon and I haven’t felt that way for three seasons.
What do you guys think of all this? Would you forgive Vicki and make a damn casserole? Would you/could you socialize nicely with an ex? Do you want to go shopping with Lydia’s mom or Diko and Peggy? Would you try some Hookah? Do you bribe your children to resolve adult disputes? Let me know what you think of this episode.
In all seriousness, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I am glad Peggy is healthy and we need to be healthy too. Get your mammogram and don’t put it off. I got mine last month and thankfully, I got a “no cancer detected” report. Early detection is key.

Update: Vicki did an interview with TooFab.com today. Below is some information and commentary. Tamra and Eddie have repeatedly stated that he is not gay. After the birthday debacle with Gretchen, Vicki and Lizzie asking about the gay rumors, Tamra responded via her Instagram with “they are nothing but homophobic bullies that think it’s okay to Out a straight man . . .” Vicki has in turn responded via TooFab.com with an interview. She said, among other things, “Gay is not less than. If you are married to a woman and you are a man and you have had a past . . . deal with it. She’s taking this and twisting it to make her feel like a victim.” Vicki claims she didn’t start this rumor; ok, I’ll buy that. But you have perpetuated it. She went on to say more: “The point is — you’re married to a woman — why is it such a bad thing that you had a past in that? Own it! Just say, “I have been with men in the past and Tamra’s cool with it,” and move on” (TooFab.com). Can’t wait for Tamra’s response to all this.
Vicki-you owe Eddie a huge apology (and throw in a casserole for good measure).

Written by Savannah Dale

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Pictures: Bravotv.com

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