“RHOC” Peggy Sulahain Clears Up Her Cancer Diagnosis

“RHOC” Peggy Sulahain Clears Up Her Cancer Diagnosis

Let me start by saying this: Peggy Sulahain may not be my favorite housewife; however, this does not need to explain her health issues to anyone. I feel as though the “RHOC” cast is a little sensitive to the “C” word due to the Brooks scandal which is completely understandable. Peggy should have also realized that when you make something part of your story line, people are going to ask questions about it. I for one appreciate Peggy explaining things especially since her initial explanation was fairly confusing.

“RHOC” Peggy Sulahain Clears Up Her Cancer Diagnosis

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Viewers all know Peggy had a double mastectomy. The question comes up as to WHY did she have the mastectomy. Peggy said she was given a cancer diagnosis after doctors found a lump in one of her breasts. While Peggy tested negative for the BRCA gene, she had the double mastectomy as a preventative measure to stop the cancer from possibly spreading. During this time, Peggy’s father became ill and unfortunately passed away. Peggy shared a little bit of what this time was like for her, “I was in denial, and I don’t want to sit there crying because it hasn’t hit me yet because I was still dealing with my dad’s death. So it’s been a mess. I was on medication. I was in pain; my face color is different, my tone is different. You can hear me stutter because my breasts were hurting so bad…they were expanding it and that pressure, it feels like metal in there, and I was just not a happy person”.

“RHOC” Peggy Sulahain Clears Up Her Cancer Diagnosis

In her recent Bravo blog, Peggy went on to offer more information about her health, “I was in denial the entire time from the beginning and was very difficult for me to accept it. Having the women interrogate me tremendously hurt me because those times were when I had to accept it and realize what I had gone through. It completely broke my heart, I have never been asked if I had CANCER and the abrupt question made me feel uncomfortable, especially when it became the main topic of conversation. I thank Tamra Judge though for being kind and thoughtful. So YES, once again, I had CANCER”.

“RHOC” Peggy Sulahain Clears Up Her Cancer Diagnosis

I’m sure with the fear and fact of her mother passing away from breast cancer also played a major role in Peggy’s decision-making process. Peggy’s mother passed away at the age of 51 after battling breast cancer. Peggy spoke on this as well, “Breast cancer has haunted me most of my adult life. I hate the word and the disease. Personally, I have pushed it out of my mind and accepting the fact that I had cancer is surreal. My biggest fear had come to life. Not only had it taken my mother from me, but it loomed in the back of my mind. If I am confusing to all the ladies, it is because I don’t want to speak of my cancer, but I’ve realized it connects to viewers and their stories”.

“RHOC” Peggy Sulahain Clears Up Her Cancer Diagnosis

Does Peggy’s explanation help you understand her a little better? Do you think Peggy needed to explain her health?

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