“RHOC” Has Vicki Gunvalson Moved on From Brooks Ayers?!

“RHOC” Has Vicki Gunvalson Moved on From Brooks Ayers?!

Although Vicki Gunvalson has a new beau, Steve Lodge whom she seems to be taken with, her mind hasn’t completely left Brooks Ayers as she explained recently in an interview. “He wasn’t this monster in my life. He wasn’t. The viewers may think he was, but he wasn’t,” Vicki said. “Did he turn into a monster towards the end? He did a lot of weird ass crazy things that I still don’t understand because I don’t talk to him.” She continued, “I don’t know why he did what he did, but he wasn’t a monster. He wasn’t really the man I thought he was if he did what he did to me.”

“RHOC” Has Vicki Gunvalson Moved on From Brooks Ayers?!

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Vicki hasn’t spoken to Brooks in about two years but she still would like to have some questions answered, as she added “Why did you reveal bad records? Why did you do what you did to me?” and “We had a good thing going or so I thought, but why? I still don’t know why. I’ve never been able to get the answer from him.” Vicki needs to move on from Brooks, he may never answer her questions unless there is something in it for him.
Hopefully, Vicki can find happiness with her current beau and make new memories with her new man and never look back.

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