“RHOC”: For Better? Or Worse?!

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"RHOC": For Better? Or Worse?!

I know we generally don’t use those words in the form of a question. Generally we see them used in statement form in our wedding vows. “For better or worse, richer or poorer, sickness or health” and so on. But in every marriage, we deal with these ups and downs, these better times and these worse times. It’s part of the deal. The Beadors are currently dealing with “the worse”.

The rumor mills are swirling, once again, that Shannon and David are headed for divorce. Will they be the next couple struck by the Housewives Divorce Curse? The Housewives franchise has a long, distinguished history of destroying marriages. Tamra/Simon, Camille/Kelsey, Vicki/Donn, Adrienne/Paul, Yolanda/David, and the list just goes on and on.

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You really don’t need a mysterious, un-named “source” cited for this rumor. You simply need to have eyes and ears, and have watched at least one episode of Season 12 RHOOC to see and feel the palatable tension between David and Shannon. And it’s sad. Shannon was so strong to move on from his infidelities, they were working hard on their marriage, and they had the lovely vow renewal (this was probably foreshadowing on their reoccurring issues-all RH vow renewals seem to put a nail in the proverbial coffin of a shaky marriage).

When Shannon first came on the scene, she quickly became my favorite housewife. She was quick-witted, self-deprecating, honest and unlike most housewives before her, she seemed to be a real hands-on housewife. A breath of fresh air for me. And then there was David. David. What do I say about him? Hmmmmnnn? Well, for me he’s kinda like that husband of a dear, sweet friend that you love so much but don’t have the heart to tell that she married a jerk. He must have great qualities for her to have married him, but we sure don’t see them on the show. Cold, awkward, beady eyes, dismissive of her, allegations of abuse and confirmation of infidelity. A prize, really. Again, I am sure he is edited badly. I hope that’s the case anyway; he doesn’t play well on the show.

And Shannon is not helping her situation when she is unsupportive, emasculating and erratically dramatic. Her mom is completely correct; get that bloodwork done. Get those hormones checked. Not for anyone else, but for herself.

As always, we never know what is happening behind closed doors. We don’t know about it for our family, our neighbors, and certainly not our reality tv stars. So we will have to keep tuning in; keep watching to see how things turn out; and until we get that official press release, wish them well in their marital dysfunction.
Written by Savannah Dale

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