RHOC Cast Members Take Sides In Nastiest Fued Yet

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The storm clouds are rolling in Orange County, CA as the famous bravo ladies are at it once again! The ladies ended badly on the season 11 reunion almost having the group completely divided. Now, full swing filming for season 12 it’s just getting uglier and uglier. Sources are claiming the fighting beteeen Vicki & Tamra is so bad it has the entire group torn apart. Apparently the two tried to start season 12 off fresh, and make admends but it didn’t take long for something to go wrong. It was leaked last week that at Vicki’s birthday party, one of Tamra’s ex best friends Ricky revealed to the group that he had walked in on Tamra’s husband Eddie having sex with another man.


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The group was completely blown away by the accusations and immediately believed Vicki set it up besides from Kelly, Lydia, & Newbie Peggy Sulahian. After hearing about the drama at Vicki’s party Tamra apparently freaked out and was then, the next day seen filming with the psychic who once claimed Brooks Ayers was faking cancer so we know she has something up her sleeve. Tamra is reportedly so furious over what her friend said at Vicki’s party she is willing to do anything she can to take Vicki down, who she believes had something to do with it. It seems like we will be going into to season 12 with it being Vicki, Kelly, Lydia, & Peggy against Tamra, Meghan & Shannon. Do you think they will all make up or will this season be another bloodbath in the OC? We shall see!


Written by Jackie Beans

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