“RHOC” Attempted Murder Trial of Former Star’s Son to Start Soon

“RHOC” Attempted Murder Trial of Former Star’s Son to Start Soon

Lauri Peterson’s son Joshua Waring’s attempted murder trial starts soon. Waring 27, is was charged with three counts of attempted murder in Costa Mesa, California. On that same evening, he was involved in several more felonies including unlawfully discharging a firearm, three counts of assault with a firearm, vehicle theft, evading police in a stolen car and shooting at another person from a motor vehicle.

Waring is looking at several life sentences if he is convicted on all charges. Lauri Peterson left “RHOC” to take time off to deal with her son Joshua’s addiction problems. Lauri and her husband George are also raising Joshua’s daughter and raising her as their own. The mother of the child has also had problems with addiction. Joshua has had multiple charges and convictions since 2008, Lauri and her family including Joshua were on the show starting in 2006.

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