“RHOBH”: Who Knew? Eden Sassoon Trash Talking?!

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Eden Sassoon was the first ‘casualty’ of this season’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, announcing that she would not be back for another season. But instead of thanking Bravo for the ride and going off quietly, she’s taken to trashing the ‘RHOBH’ cast on TV talk shows.


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Fans know that Lisa Vanderpump has a big heart, especially for animals, dogs in particular. She’s started her own rescue shelter in West Los Angeles and speaks out against the inhumane slaughter of dogs in China (Stop Yuka Forever). Recently, Sassoon alluded that Lisa Vanderpump’s charitable heartstrings are not so easily loosed. She claims she asked LVP refused to be a part of her Nail and Bone fundraiser. She says that Vanderpump’s exact comments were, ‘when you’re ready to do an event that is solely on my property or my ground I’ll do it.’


"RHOBH": Who Knew? Eden Sassoon Trash Talking?!


Eden also says there’s a lot of butt-kissing directed to Bravo’s Andy Cohen from cast and fans and she’s just not about that.


“I’m not someone who’s going to make my way to you and try to get attention — I’m not that person. If we naturally come together and we have a rapport and we start a conversation, great, but he [Andy] is like the animals’ attack, literally attack.” even at one of our parties my girlfriend was like ‘go talk to him’ and I was like ‘no why’ and then I ended up talking to you know the exec of Bravo all night and we were having an amazing fascinating conversation.”


Eden says she would’ve been happy to come back, but she wasn’t asked. She was surprised that she wasn’t because she had unfinished business on the show with cast mate Kim Richards.


"RHOBH": Who Knew? Eden Sassoon Trash Talking?!


Surprisingly, Eden had nothing bad to say about Lisa Rinna, thanking her for inviting her along for the ride. She wishes her nothing but peace and light as she moves forward with her life. Adding, “Rinna I’ll be your biggest fan next season, get it you know.”


Written by Rhonda

"To be honest, I'm just winging it...so far so good!" Rhonda
“To be honest, I’m just winging it…so far so good!” Rhonda



















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