“RHOBH”: HYPOCRITE! Erika Girardi Needs to Take Her Own Advice!

For the past two weeks, everyone’s feelings have been in a bunch, literally, over what happened during the Hong Kong trip on the ‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.’ And why is that? I’ll tell you why, because Erika Girardi is the biggest hypocrite on this planet. She can dish it out, however when it comes to taking it, that’s an entirely different story. What has now been labeled “Pantygate” which is a word I’m so tired of hearing, seems as if Erika can only see things thru tunnel vision while not looking at the big picture. She can flaunt her body on screen like this for millions of viewers to see, while getting a costume change by her “hired help” yet demand an apology for her husband Tom because he’s supposedly going to be offended that PK looked up her dress. Give me a break.

“RHOBH”: HYPOCRITE! Erika Girardi Needs to Take Her Own Advice!


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The only person making a big deal about all of this is Erika herself. She always has to have things her way and frankly I’m tired of the double standard. Her behavior toward her best friend, Eileen Davidson was nothing less than atrocious. Couple that with her weak ass apology a week later and viewers are beginning to see her for exactly what she is. An absolute hypocrite and diva who is only concerned with herself. Her true colors came out in Hong Kong and I believe we are only seeing the tip of the ice berg from this cold-blooded, ice princess. Let’s wait until the Reunion airs, I guarantee we’ll see more of her true behavior.

Written by Riley Mathews

“Normal is Boring” ~Riley

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