“RHOBH” Erika Girardi Spills All About Tom’s Prenup Agreement!

"RHOBH" Erika Girardi Spills All About Tom’s Prenup Agreement!

Ahhh to be literally, beyond your wildest dreams…filthy rich…can you imagine it? Sure we all can although is it a reality for some of Bravo’s most popular housewives? Many think prenups go hand-in-hand with marriage in Beverly Hills and for most who marry these days that’s what you can expect. Sign right here on the dotted line and I promise to love, honor and obey you forever. Not so much the case for those gals who married earlier in life and didn’t have a mate who had avast a small fortune. Take for instance Kyle Richards when she married Mauricio, neither of them had much money at all. They started a family and both worked very hard along the way and are now multi-millionaires. Kyle stated, “My husband and I didn’t have two nickels to rub together when we got married so a prenup was not an option or even talked about. But if I were to marry somebody who had less money than me, I would probably make them sign a prenup. But if I were getting married to somebody with a lot of money, no I wouldn’t sign one.” There’s some brutal truth for you…Kyle doesn’t mess around. Lisa Vanderpump thoughts mimicked Kyle’s in similarity. She said, “I think we were so in love it wasn’t even a consideration.”

"RHOBH" Erika Girardi Spills All About Tom’s Prenup Agreement!

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Everyone wants to know about Erika Girardi and whether or not she had to sign a prenup when she married one of our country’s most famous trial attorneys, Tom Girardi. The answer is no…she didn’t. However she did say, “I don’t have a prenup. But let me tell you something, let me be very clear. I’m married to a very powerful lawyer. A prenup wouldn’t stand in his way anyway. So it doesn’t matter whether you had one or you didn’t…it’s gonna be all Tom’s way I assure you. He’ll rip that piece of paper to shreds in two seconds.” Please! California is a community property state so if they ever divorced she’d be entitled to a massive fortune. Literally hundreds of millions of dollars and don’t you think for one second she wouldn’t hire an attorney equally as competent as Tom and get what she was after when she pursued him as a cocktail waitress years ago. His money. Camille Grammer lucked out because Kelsey has never asked any of his herd of ex-wives to ever sign a prenup and she walked away with over $30 million dollars in her settlement. She said, “I guess he did love me after all.” I don’t know about that Camille. I think Kelsey loves Kelsey. It’s still nice to see that you walked away set for life after he cheated on you. No wife deserves the humiliation he put you through.

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