“RHOA”: Phaedra Passes the Blame, Says Her Boys are Being Threatened!


As stories continue to fly that Phaedra Parks, Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Southern belle, has been let go over her allegations that castmate Kandi Burgess and her husband, Todd Tucker, intended to slip another castmate, Porsha Williams a mickey, take her to their Alex dungeon, and sex with her, Ms. Parks is out defending g herself. I don’t think she’s as worried about the possibility of leaving the show as much as she is about losing her livelihood. Seems an Atlanta fan may be campaigning to have Phaedra’s license to practice law revoked, or at least suspended.


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“RHOA”: Phaedra Passes the Blame, Says Her Boys are Being Threatened!


Another shocker is that parks is claiming that a producer on the show is the person who told her the rumor about the Burress and Tucker. Yep, instead of slinky off quietly, Phae-Phae is still trying to pass the blame, at least a small portion of it, onto somebody else. This time the alleged guilty party is one Carlos King.


“RHOA”: Phaedra Passes the Blame, Says Her Boys are Being Threatened!



If you don’t know who Carlos King is, he was indeed once an executive producer on ‘RHOA’ but he was once working with Tucker on separate projects away from the popular series. Neither does anyone else! Carlos King supposedly had a fallout with Todd Tucker while they were working on a project together (remember Hollywood Divas?). Regardless, Parks is the one who uttered the words out loud and then tried to say Kandi told her herself. Then again, at the reunion, she did keep saying that she heard it from someone, she was told by someone…but everyone wants to say she lies so much at this point, no one is listening.


“RHOA”: Phaedra Passes the Blame, Says Her Boys are Being Threatened!


The truly sad thing is that Phaedra is also saying that fans of the show and/or Kandi are threatening her children and her. Those fans seem to be irate that Burress was so maligned this season. Whether you like her or not, believe her or not, or whether she’s been fired or not, threatening Ayden and Dylan is far worse. It may be just an opinion but how low can you go to cross the line and threaten innocent children? Let’s leave the children out of this, shall we?


Written by Rhonda

"To be honest, I'm just winging it...so far so good!" Rhonda
“To be honest, I’m just winging it…so far so good!” Rhonda



















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