Posche by Kim D Fashion Show…Fundraiser Or Fight Night?!

Posche by Kim D Fashion Show...Fundraiser Or Fight Night?!

RHONJ star Kim DePaola had a charity fashion show to help the families of the victims who had died a horrific death.

Kim is well known for her Posche fashion shows. This year it was held on the 3rd floor of the Waterfront Restaurant.

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According to a source, Kim was on the 2nd floor with her models, also Siggy Flicker and Delores Catania, when Teresa Guidice, Melissa Gorga, Danielle Staub and newbie to RHONJ Margaret Josephs came walking in the event like “Mean Girls” First off why was Danielle there? She really hasn’t been around in awhile and we know she had an agenda, of course, to start trouble and get her name back out there!

Posche by Kim D Fashion Show...Fundraiser Or Fight Night?!


Teresa, of course, immediately started with Kim according to my source. Kim didn’t back down and threw it right back at Teresa. According to an online source, Teresa started calling Kim white trash and wanted to know why she said Joe was cheating on her. Kim didn’t waste any time and told Teresa she was white trash who just got out of jail! Of course, then Melissa Gorga had to jump in, and Kim told her to shut up, but someone stated that Danielle was quiet as a church mouse, which doesn’t matter just the sight of her pisses people off and that was probably her intention all along. That didn’t stop Kim from asking her why she was there.

Posche by Kim D Fashion Show...Fundraiser Or Fight Night?!


My source stated “it’s disgusting to start this at a fundraiser and then lie about it”
People have been saying for awhile about Teresa not being loyal and how she back doors people including friends. Teresa has changed so much in the last year or so. She had a loyal friend in Kim D, but when someone constantly lies and puts a knife in your back, Yes you get an enemy!

Posche by Kim D Fashion Show...Fundraiser Or Fight Night?!

According to a source, Teresa didn’t like the fact that she was called out on cheating on her husband while he was in jail.

What kind of role models do these 4 Guidice girls have in their life? Their mom is out and about being seen with this younger man and who is taking care of her kids?

I hope they raised enough money they needed for these families! It’s sad that people have an agenda and use a venue like this Charity fashion show to make it known. what type of people are they really? Maybe it is time to take the trash out!!

Written by Rosa C

“Never Give Up” ~Rosa C.








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