Police Suspect Bethenny Frankel Is Exaggerating Claims Against Ex Jason Hoppy

Police Suspect Bethenny Frankel Is Exaggerating Claims Against Ex Jason Hoppy



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After recently hearing on ‘The Real Housewives Of New York City’ Berkshires trip about Bethenny Frankel’s ex husband Jason Hoppy being arrested for stalking, more shocking details are coming in; some indicating that Bethenny could have exaggerated the story a bit to get revenge on Jason. The complaint against Jason stated that he had sent over 160 emails to Frankel between November 2016 – February 2017 alleging that he was stalking the socialite, but a family friend of the couple claims that all Hoppy was doing was trying to communicate about their daughter Bryn. ” She was making more out of this than it was. She’s been involved in a terrible divorce with this guy, and it seems like she was filing the police report because she wanted revenge, to get back at him for things he did connected to the divorce. This is common among celebrity types.” They told Page Six. Now this is the shocking part of the story, a New York City Police Detective reviewed all the emails exchanged between the two, and this was his statement to Page Six. ” We get this a lot, it did not appear to us that Hoppy was any threat to Frankel, or was going to attack her in any way. But, because she filed the police report we had cause to arrest him.” As always their are three sides to every story, regardless we wish the best for their daughter Bryn, in hopes she can maintain a healthy relationship with both parents.

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