Peter Kraus, The Next ‘Bachelor’?!

Peter Kraus, The Next 'Bachelor'?!

On the dramatic ending of Rachel’s journey to find love we saw the heartbreaking ending of her and Peter. They never really said their goodbyes until After the final rose show. I was rooting for Bryan, but I fell in love with Peter and felt that he might have been better suited for Rachel. He was open and honest with her and maybe she couldn’t handle the fact that he didn’t want to propose at the end of the show. He did, however, say he would if that’s what it took for them to be together. Rachel didn’t want him to do that unless that’s what he wanted. He told her more than once he didn’t want to lose her. So should she have told him yes, but would he have regretted it in the long run?

Peter Kraus, The Next 'Bachelor'?!

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So will the producers ask him to be the next Bachelor? Well, if they do I am hoping he will turn it down, because if he couldn’t get down on one knee for Rachel, what makes us think he will do it as the Bachelor. It might just be a repeat of his journey with Rachel, and I don’t want to see that again it was heart-wrenching, especially when he asked himself “What is wrong with me”? We saw a yearbook picture of Peter and he said he wanted to famous and be on the Bachelor and find happiness. So, what’s the real story here, yes, he was 18 when he said that, so has his feelings about finding love really changed? or did he not really see a future with Rachel? He was a fan favorite throughout the show. I believe he is being true to himself and needs to let his walls down if he wants to be on the Bachelor and have success in finding the one.

Peter Kraus, The Next 'Bachelor'?!

I agree with what Rachel said on After the Final Rose, that this wasn’t a show for him. He needs time to get to know someone and not have to feel pressured to propose at the end. Well, maybe if he does become the next Bachelor, the promos should state that he is looking for love but not engagement/marriage right away. Peter is sincere and honest and he needs to stay true to himself when searching for the “ONE” Good luck Peter in your journey, we are all rooting for your happiness, who ever you end up with will be one lucky woman!!

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