Pepsi Pulls Ad Featuring Kendall Jenner

Sorry Pepsi, the public is not buying Kendall Jenner as a peacemaker. The ad featuring Jenner, was blasted on social media as inappropriate and accused Pepsi of making light of the social and political climate while trying to make a buck.

The commercial featured Jenner offering a police officer a Pepsi to bridge the gap of division between protestors and authorities. The ad showed Jenner removing her blonde wig, handing a can of Pepsi to a police officer, and then joining the line of protesters.

Jennifer Maloney, at Pepsi released this statement for the soft drink giant released a statement on Twitter, that read:

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Pepsi Pulls Ad Featuring Kendall Jenner

The Jenner ad does not appear to be available on the official Pepsi Twitter and Facebook pages anymore. Pepsi did not immediately reply for comment.

Well, it’s not like we needed to see any more of the Kardashian-Jenners! But tell us what YOU think-controversial? Insensitive? Much ado about nothing?

Written by Rhonda

"To be honest, I'm just winging far so good!" Rhonda
“To be honest, I’m just winging it…so far so good!” Rhonda






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