Patricia Barry, Stalwart of Daytime Soap Operas, Dies at 93

Patricia Barry, Stalwart of Daytime Soap Operas, Dies at 93

Patricia Barry, Stalwart of Daytime Soap Operas, Dies at 93

On one of the longest running soaps, “Days of Our Lives,” Patricia Barry’s character was that of Bill Hayes’ spouse – and on another soap, ‘All My Children’ – Barry’s character ran a huge international drug operation with the help of the cartel – she also played the very evil and scheming character of “Miss Sally” on another day time soap, ‘Guiding Light.’

A veteran actress of both screen and stage, Patricia Barry was an absolute wonderful actress and stood out in the spotlight of Hollywood – she had a role on ‘Days of Our Lives,’ Guiding Light and All My Children many years go – sadly, Barry has passed away at the age of 93.

Patricia was famous for being one of the industries first members of the non-profit organization, “Women in Film” – and was also a president for the non-profit – it is with much sadness, that we must report she passed away in her sleep, in the comfort of her own home, located somewhere in Los Angeles last Tuesday, according to Barry’s publicist.

Patricia Barry, Stalwart of Daytime Soap Operas, Dies at 93

In the early years, Barry starred in numerous movies – including ‘Send Me No Flowers’ where she portrayed a character who was about to become a divorcee because her neighbor, portrayed by ‘Doris Day’ became very suspicious and believed that Barry’s character was having a fling with her neighbor’s hubby, who was (played by Doris Day) and, performed by the late ‘Rock Hudson’ – Barry also portrayed the former mistress of ‘Glenn Ford’ in the movie, “Delbert Mann’s Dear Heart.” Each of the two films were released way back in 1964.

During that same year, Patricia also made an appearance in the dramatic crime movie, “Kitten With a Whip” in (1964), which also starred ‘Ann Margaret’ and ‘Jack Klugman’s’ spouse who loved to “shop until she dropped” – as her character was a shopaholic – spending money every chance she had – on a sitcom called “Harris Against the World” which did not last very long at all, as the show was cancelled soon after it began to air.

And last but not least, Barry portrayed the character of “Addie Horton Williams” on one of the longest running soaps ever, “Days of Our Lives” which has been aired on NBC for over 50 years. Patricia’s character was also married to Bill Hayes, who’s character portrayed her husband – from the time period beginning in 1971 and ending in 1974. Barry decided to to portray ‘Peg English’ in a very odd but interesting twist as her character was to raise a daughter, by the name of “Brooke” who was portrayed by the actress, (Julia Barr) during her time on ‘All My Children’ seen only on ABC, while she kept busy keeping the international and very large drug cartel in business, using a fake name of “The Cobra” – which successfully ran from 1980 until 1981.

Barry was given the name of “Patricia White” at birth and she was born on November 16, 1922, in the town of Davenport, in the state of Iowa. Patricia’s dad cared for many families as a doc while living in the rural area, and Patricia’s mom – believe it or not was the youngest of 14 siblings. And she also attended college at “Stephens” located in Columbia, Missouri – and was also able to train with another famous actress, “Maude Adams” – who was lucky enough to portray the character of “Peter Pan” way back in 1905 on Broadway – Patricia was then able to learn and study with “Sanford Meisner” in the state of New York.

Patricia Barry, Stalwart of Daytime Soap Operas, Dies at 93

Barry also appeared and starred in two other TV shows – – one of which was “The Twilight Zone” and she also made appearances on other television series such as “Perry Mason” “Gunsmoke” “Rawhide” – “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” – “Thriller” – “Route 66” – “My Three Sons” – “Dallas” – “Three’s Company” – “Murder, She Wrote” all of which were very popular shows back in the day and “Ghostwriter” which was aired on PBS – Patricia portrayed a famous movie star.

She really loved Yorkshire Terriers and had such a fondness for those little doggies – Barry was also the recipient of “Women in Film’s” very prestigious ‘Founder’s’ Award, which was given to her back in 1999. She also appeared and starred in, what was known as a one-woman show and produced by a woman whose name is Dorothea Petrie and which was shown in the state of New York.

Phillip Barry Jr., Patricia’s hubby and who produced many different plays and films, such as (The Mating Game) along with telefilms for the ABC network, passed away in 1998. Phillip was the son of Phillip Barry, who was a playwright – and, sometime after the death of Patricia Barry’s husband, she approved every single production, from her father in law, Phillip Barry – which included all of his plays, which were staged in London of what was then referred to as “High Society” and also a play in which Kevin Spacey had the starring role in, called “The Philadelphia Story” – anyone remember that?!

Patricia (Pat) Barry is survived by her daughters, Miranda Barry, who once was a former exec and in charge of a global production called, “Sesame Street” a children’s Saturday morning TV show, along with Stephanie; Mark, her son-in-law – two grandchildren, Alixanne and Hailey; and also two godchildren, Stephen and Tracy.

Patricia Barry lived a full life of glamour, glory and glitz on Broadway and other venues and leaves behind a legacy from some of the greatest all time performances ever!

Written by Renee Barbee

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