Paris Katherine Jackson: Who Is This Beautiful Girl!?

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Paris Katherine Jackson: Who Is This Beautiful Girl!?

She is the lovely Paris Katherine Jackson. Yep, she is Michael Jackson’s daughter. She is 19 and is absolutely beautiful. I knew the first time I saw her in 2009 at her famous father’s funeral that she would grow up to be a gorgeous young lady.

Not many people had seen Paris nor her siblings. Michael kept his children away from the public eye for most of their young lives.

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It wasn’t until Michael’s funeral that Paris was literally thrust into the public eye by the untimely and tragic death of pop star and Icon, Michael Jackson.

Paris gave a very touching speech about her father. She and her siblings may have grown up in a very isolated and bizarre world, but hopefully it didn’t do them any psychological and emotional harm. We don’t need a replica of what her father, Michael Jackson became.

my angel, my king, my universe. 8 years without you feels like a lifetime.

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There were so many ugly rumors about Michael and I’m sure Paris has heard them all. We will never know what was true or what was false about all the allegations made against Michael. But it may have taken a toll on his children.
It can damage a child’s psyche. But it seems that Michael’s daughter is holding her own thus far. She is moving on with her life and it looks like she’s done that in a positive way.

She was raised under shrouds and masks in a very secretive and sheltered life. I’m surprised she has removed herself from the life she lived with the ever eccentric Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson, with Prince and Paris (holding his hand) in 2003

Paris is a model and has had some acting jobs. She’s doing fine and is being taken care of by her grandmother and Jackson’s nephew. Michael’s mom is getting on in age so she needed the support of her family to help with the children.

Paris Katherine Jackson: Who Is This Beautiful Girl!?

Paris has two siblings. She is the daughter of Debbie Rowe. Michael also had a son with Debbie Rowe, who was his second wife. His third son was born from a surrogate mother. Debbie Rowe lost custody of her two children and Michael was awarded full custody of Paris and her brother.

In 2009 this child stood before the world and called Michael “the best father you could ever imagine.”

I am anxious to see how she and her brothers fare in the future. Their lives were not your average kids’ life. After all, they lived with Michael Jackson in Neverland!

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